United Singhs share the second position with California Eagles, defeats Lahore Lions in Wave World Kabaddi League. Link to the match posted below


– Man of the Match & Best raider: Shafiq Ahmed Chisti (20 raids, Lahore Lions)
– Best Stopper: Sandeep Singh Sandhu (8 stops, United Singhs)
– Navpreet Kumar, United Singhs bags Sonalika Power Raid of the Day

Ludhiana, November 8: United Singhs stunned Lahore Lions with a brilliant performance.
The final quarter proved to be turning point of the match, tables turned and United Singhs emerged as the winner. Singhs made a comeback with brilliant performance by the stop line, earning 9 valuable stop points. Lahore Lions made an effort to hold the strings but the seamless performance by Singhs overpowered them. The final scores were 63-53.

The first quarter of the match started with the successful raid point of toss winning team, United Singh.s The stop line of United Singhs gave a tough competition to the opponent raiders, stopper Sandeep Singh Sandhu earned an excellent stop point for the team, where as raiders Gagandeep Nagra(4) and Lovepreet Singh (3) also presented wonderful raids. On the other hand Lahore Lions stop line also gave a good performance, stopper Khaleel Ahmad earned two valuable stop points for the team and raiders Shafiq Ahmad(5), Akhmal Dogar(3) showed great feat and took the lead at their edge by 2 points as the score 14-16.

The second session presented a tough fight by both the team to take the lead. Lahore Lions stopper Mosin Wahla (2) failed United Singhs raids and earned stop points for his team. Lahore Lions raiders, Shafiq Ahmad Chisti(5) and Akhmal Shzad Dogar(4) exhibited powerful raids. On the other hand stop line of United Singh was also seen in action with Baljeet Singh (1) earning a valuable stop point for the team. In the end Lions lead with scores being 27-31.

In the second half both the teams tried hard to chase the scores. Stopper Musharraf Javed (1) and Naeem Tahir Sindu (1) earned excellent stop points for Lahore Lions. Stop Line of United Singh also tried hard to make a comeback, Jagdish Singh (1) Gurvinder Kahilon (1) and Sandeep Singh Sandhu (1) earned valuable stop points for the team. But Lahore Lions raiders, Shafiq Ahmad (4) and Akhmal Shazad Dogar (5) were unstoppable maintaining the lead of 3 points at 42-45.

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