This is what everyone is been waiting for, the Semi Final matches are set to play today. Semi Final 1 has Canada taking on Pakistan. Neither team ran into much resistance during group matches, with Canada having the closet match with Norway. This has the potential of being one of the best matches of the tournament. Tauo and company will be looking to beat Pakistan and enter the finals 2nd straight time at the world Cup.

Semi Final 2 has India taking on Iran. This is Iran’s second apperance at the World Cup and they managed to beat USA in the group matches to get a birth in the semi finals. Though young and less expereinced, Iranian has lots of ex-wreselters which should help their cause. With all that being said, India is excepted to win this match and advance to the finals.

Full match Online
Semi Final 1: Canada 27 Vs. Pakistan 53
Semi Final 2: India 72 Vs. Iran 23
Semi Women 1: Denmark 25 Vs. Malaysia 41
Semi Women 2: England 7 Vs. India 56


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