Held on August 30th 2015 – Abbotsford Kabaddi Cup under the banner of Canada West Kabaddi Federation had total of 7 teams playing. The matches were close and the final was one of the best matches of the tournament with Vancouver Kabaddi Club taking on Abbotsford Kabaddi Club. In the end, Vancouver edged out Abbotsford with Best Raider being Gurpreet Burj Hari and Best Stopper Pala Jalapuria. Watch all the matches shown below.
Players: Players: Gurpreet Burj Hari, Khusi, Ninni, Sandeep Nagal Ambia, Pala Jalapuria, Disha, Yaad Kotli, Dulla Bagga, Kamal Nawapindia, Sandeep Ludhar, Sultan , Salamu, Goppi Manki, Nindi Benra, Doctor, Damru

[vimeography id=”7″]

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