Varinder Dhanoa at Clagary Kabaddi Cup July 29th 2012

Varinder Dhanoa at Clagary Kabaddi Cup talking about his history and how he got involved in Kabaddi.

Condolences to the victims of the shooting at Sikh Temple in USA

Our condolences to the victims of the shootings at a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, near Milwaukee Wisconsin. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Click Here for Full story at CNN

Live broadcast of Calgary Kabaddi Cup July 29th 2012 in association with Alberta Kabaddi Federation brings you Live from Calgary, Alberta Canada, the Calgary Kabaddi Cup 2012. Watch the Live coverage on July 29th 2012 at 10:00am Pacific Time (Vancouver), 10:30 Indian Time and 11:00am Mountain Time (Calgary).
Winner: Ambi & Harjeet Kabaddi Club
Best Riader: Babbu Jalal (10 for 10)
Best Stopper: Mangi Baggapind & Khusi Dhirba (both 5 stops)

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July 22nd – LIVE coverage of Toronto Kabaddi Cup 2012

You are watching LIVE coverage of Toronto Kabaddi Cup 2012, from Toronto, ONT. Canada. Four Toronto clubs are hosting the tournament International, Dixie, Ontario Khalsa and Lions Kabaddi Club.
Watch you favoirate superstar: Mangi, Bittu, Khusi, Tauo, Babbu, Dulla, Junni and more.

July 14th – Edmonton Kabaddi Cup 2012 Results

Young Kabaddi Club beats combine team of Azaad and Abbotsford Sports Club by 17.5 points.

Best Raider: Junni California (19 of 19)
Best Stopper: Mangi Baggapind (11.5 of 20)

Both Mangi and Junni where horned with a gold chain.

Breaking News! Young and Azaad & Abbotsford Teams denied to play by Alberta Federation

BREAKING NEWS!! – Young Kabaddi Club and combine team of Azaad & Abbotsford are denied to play in Calgary by Alberta Kabaddi Federation. Mangi, Bittu, Meek, Tauo, Khusi are standing on the sideline because they have too many star players! Instead these are the players playing while all the superstars are standing on the sideline!
Comment and let the Calgary federation what you think.

Semi Final 2 – Young Vs. Azaad and Abbotsford Sports Kabaddi Club

2nd Semi Final at Raju Rajvir and Prince George Nakodar Kabaddi Cup 2012 between Young Kabaddi Club Vs. Azaad and Abbotsford Kabaddi Club held on July 8th

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