Top Kabaddi Raider and Stopper of the year 2011

gagi kheerawalia selected best kabaddi raider of 2011 and ekham Hathur selected as best stopper of 2011 BC Kabaddi season’s is pleased to announce our Top raider and stopper of the year. Azaad Kabaddi Clubs Gaggi Kherawalia had a break out year. Best of BC, Best Of World Cup and best Of Punjab world Cup. He is our Number 1 raider pick for 2011. For Stopper, Ekham Hathur stood out Tall and proud for Vancouver in BC, did very well in Iran and played strong in Punjab World Cup. Best Canadian Player Hardeep Tauo Toganwalia had great India Season, Played strong in BC and California, but got injured and still came back to represent his country and was 100% DRUG FREE. Honorable mention Mangi Bagga, he still the king and showed it in 2nd Pearls World Kabaddi Cup in Punjab by representing as Captain of Team India and winning the best stopper title.


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Final Match – Kabaddi World Cup 2011 – Ludhiana, Punjab India

The FINAL MATCHES both men’s and women’s from Ludhiana, Punjab. Watch India Vs. Canada in the men’s final and UK Vs. India in women’s final. Also watch the CLOSING CEREMONY of World Kabaddi Cup 2011.


3rd Place: Pakistan (60) Vs. Italy (22)
Women’s Final: India (44) Vs. UK (17)
Men’s Final: India (59) Vs. Canada (25)
Best Raider: Gaggi, Best Stopper: Mangi

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Semi-Finals – Kabaddi World Cup 2011 -Day 18 – Bathinda, Punajb India

Canada Wins a spot in the FINAL by beating Pakistan and will face India. Watch all the matches by following the link below. Final match & closing ceremony will be broadcast LIVE on Nov. 20th at 4:30pm Punjab Time, that’s 3:00am Pacific Standard Time.


Semi Final 1: Canada (44) Vs. Pakistan (39)
Semi Final 2: India (74) Vs. Italy (15)
India (57) Vs. USA (7) (Women)

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LIVE Day 16 Kabaddi World Cup 2011 – Jalandhar, Punjab India

Live and recorded kabaddi matches from day 16 of World Kabaddi Cup 2011 can be seen by following the link below. Day 16 matches will be played in Jalandhar, Punjab . Kabaddi matches are set up begin at 7:00pm Punjab time, that’s 5:30am Pacific Standard Time. Today’s kabaddi matches will decide who plays in the Semi Finals on Nov. 18th. India and Canada are already through from pool A to the semis. The following kabaddi matches will be played today:


UK (55) Vs. Turkmenistan (17) (women)
Italy (74) Vs. Sri Lanka (16)
Pakistan (62) Vs. Spain (14)

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Day 15 – World Kabaddi Cup 2011 – Mansa, Punjab India

Day 15 of World Kabaddi Cup 2011 will be played in Mansa, Punjab at Sports Staidum NM Government College. Matches are set up begin at 1pm Punjab time, that’s 11:30 Pacific Standard Time. The following kabaddi matches will be played today:


USA (36) Vs. UK (36) (Women)
UK (63) Vs. Nepal (18)
India (50) Vs. Afghanistan (17)
Canada (58) Vs. Germany (19)

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Day 14 World Kabaddi Cup 2011 – Horrshiapur, Punjab India

**Breaking News – Mens’ USA Team has been disqualified from World Kabaddi Cup. The men’s US team was asked for 5 urine samples for drug test. Normally only 2 samples are asked. Stay tuned as more details emerge.

Day 14 of World Kabaddi Cup 2011 will be hosted in Horshiapur Punjab. Matches are set begin at 1:00 pm Punjab time, that’s 11:30pm Pacific Standard Time. The following matches will be played today:

USA (76) Vs. SriLanka (10)
Argentina (15) Vs. Spain (70)
Italy (49) Vs. Norway(33)
USA (44) Vs. Turkmenistan (21) (Women)

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World Kabaddi Cup 2011 – Day 13 – REST DAY

Day 13 at world kabaddi cup is a rest day. No matches will be played today. The matches will resume tomorrow in Horshiarpur, Punjab at 1:00 pm Indian Time.


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