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LIVE – World Kabaddi League Matches

Watch LIVE – World Kabaddi League Matches


Day 5 Matches – World Kabaddi Cup 2013

There are total of 4 Kabaddi matches schedule for Day 5 at the World Kabaddi Cup 2013. The day starts off with Spain Vs. Argentina, both these teams are evenly matched, with Spain being slightly better. Second match is between England and Denmark, followed by women’s kabaddi match, New Zealand Vs. Kenya. The last match of the day is India vs. Kenya.

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Spain 47 Vs. Argentina 24
Denmark 28 Vs. England 59
New Zealand 51 Vs. Kenya 21 (Women)
India 69 Vs. Kenya 32

Final Match – Kabaddi World Cup 2012 – Men’s and Women’s

Final Match at Kabaddi World Cup 2012 will be played Dec. 15th at 6:00pm IST. India Vs. Pakistan for men’s and India Vs. Malaysia for women’s. For men’s this is the biggest match of the world cup. Both India and Pakistan played in 2010 world cup final, where India won. But Pakistan beat India in 2012 November at Asia Kabaddi Cup. This will be a much heated match with both sides holding nothing back.

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India Vs. Pakistan
India Vs. Malaysia (women)
For women’s side it will India Vs. Malaysia, both undefeated teams. This is Malaysia’s first ever world cup and they have played very well. Indian women’s kabaddi team have been undefeated since 2010. This maybe the toughest challenge faced by them.

Day 13 – Women’s 3rd Place Match – Men’s 3rd Place – Kabaddi World Cup 2012

Day 13 of World Kabaddi Cup 2012 will have Women’s 3rd place match between Denmark and England. Both team are very evenly matched. Even though this is Denmark’s first World Kabaddi Cup, they have played extremely well. England’s women’s team was the runner up in 2011 world cup and are just as strong as Denmark. Should be a great match. Matches start at 6:30pm Indian Standard Time, that’s 5:00am Pacific Standard Time

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Women’s 3rd Place: India Vs. Malaysia
Third Place: Canada Vs. Iran

Second match of the day will be between Team Canada and Team Iran. They will be fighting for the brozen medal. Canada will be looking for redemption after loosing to Pakistan in the semi final. As for Iran, they will be looking to play a much better match than they did against India. Both teams having something to prove