2015 Kabaddi Season – First Tournament – April 26th 2015 – International California Kabaddi Cup

Livekabaddi.com is proud to present the opening tournament of 2015 North American Kabaddi Season with International California Kabaddi Cup being held on April 26th 2015. Team Canada will take on the world on April 26 in Union City, thi team is one of the best teams organized since the 2011 World Kabaddi Cup- Star raiders and star stoppers will representing Canada. WATCH ALL THE ACTION HERE ON WWW.LIVEKABADDI.COM
When: April 26th 2015 – LIVE Update 1:00pm PST, that’s 4:00pm EST, 1:30am Indian Time
Players Playing: Sandeep Nagal Ambia, Dulla BaggaPind, Pala Jalapuria, Jassa Sidma, Sandeep Ludhar, Kamal Nawapinda, Yaad Kotli, Sandeep Surkhpuria, Rubby Harkowal, Mani Sandhu Chata, Gurpreet Burj Hari

Canada West (BC) Kabaddi Federations join force to become One

Great news for Kabaddi fans across the world, Canada West (B.C.) Kabaddi Federations have all joined forces to be one single Kabaddi Federation. President is Joti Samra, with Chairman Neetu Kang and Vice President Lalli Dhesi and Parm Gill. More details to come. This follows Canada East Kabaddi also all combining to form a single Kabaddi Federation. This all means more Kabaddi teams and big superstars coming to Canada and playing against each other.


2015 Canada Kabaddi Federation Latest News

Canada East Kabaddi Federation delegation is in Vancouver this week to work Canada West Kabaddi Federation to combine all Federations under one unified Kabaddi Federation. The meeting will take place Friday April 10th, stay tuned for more news.


Ontario Kabaddi Federations Combine into One Association

Great news for kabaddi fans all across the world. After 5 years, Ontario has one Federation. A big meeting was held today that changed the landscape of kabaddi. One Federation in Ontario.
Jaswinder Shouker is the President. Jas Sohal is Chairman and will be President next year.
A 5 member delegation including Gian Biring Harpreet Singh Sivia Parm Gill Raja Sangha and Babal Sangrur came to Ontario to witness this monument day.
8 teams will compete in the Federation. Matches to start June 9th 2015

Ontario-Kabaddi-Federation (Canada East)

LIVE – New Zealand Kabaddi Cup – Mar. 7th 2015

March 7th 2015 – Watch LIVE matches from New Zealand Kabaddi Cup 2015.
Players: Sukha Bhandal, Sandeep Surkhpur, Yaad Surkhpur. Tinda parjiawalla, Chota Gurlal, Sonu Jump.

Teams: SGPC, New Zealand West, New Zealand East, Canada, New Zealand Warrios, Australia Kabaddi Fed., New Zealand (Tepuke), National Kabaddi Federation of Australia


2015 New Zealand Kabaddi Cup best stopper Goppi Manki and best raider Manjot Singh Machhiwara Sahib.

Final MATCH – Mar. 8th 2015 from New Zealand Kabaddi Cup

Part 1 – New Zealand Kabaddi Cup 2015

Part 2 – New Zealand Kabaddi Cup 2015

New Zealand Kabaddi Cup 2015 – Canada Vs. Australia

Match 1 – Canada Vs. Australia – New Zealand Kabaddi Cup 2015

FINAL MATCH – India Vs. Pakistan – 5th Kabaddi World Cup Punjab 2014

Watch the LIVE coverage of final match at 5th World Kabaddi Cup 2014 between India and Pakistan on Dec. 20th. This will be the fourth time these two teams will be meeting and in all four meetings India has beaten Pakistan. This year Pakistan’s team has some new talent along with veteran players and they will be gunning to capture the title. As for women it will be India vs. New Zealand and this is the second time in a row that these 2 teams are meeting, with India winning last year. Below is the link to the final match and LIVE coverage begins at 3:30pm IST, that’s 3:00pm PKT, 10:00am GMT, 2:00am PST

Watch Online Stream
India 36 Vs. New Zeland 27 (W)
India 45 Vs. Pakistan 43

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