Day 1 – World Kabaddi Cup 2013 Matches

The opening day 1 kabaddi matches at the World Kabaddi Cup 2013 begin with Spain Vs. Iran, Argentina Vs. Kenya and best match of the day with India taking on USA. Indian Kabaddi team is the heavy favorite to win the cup again this year, but Team USA have a strong stopline with Meek and Chavez brothers in the lineup. Matches Start 5:00 pm Indian Time, that’s 3:30 am Pacific Standard TimeLink of the matches is posted below.

Watch Online Matches
Spain 40 Vs. Kenya 31
India 44 Vs. New Zeland 11 (Women’s)
India 59 Vs. USA 31

4 Responses to Day 1 – World Kabaddi Cup 2013 Matches

  1. sam_E singh says:

    I love kabaddi .. The original game of strength

  2. baljeet gill says:

    i love kabbadi.mainu kabbadi bahut achhi lagti hai

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