Watch LIVE Vancouver Kabaddi Cup 2013 – Opening Canada Kabaddi Season Tournament May 18th-19th

Watch LIVE coverage of Vancouver Kabaddi Cup 2013 on May 18th and 19th. This is the Opening tournament of Canada Kabaddi Season. With following teams:
Young & Sher-e-Punjab Kabaddi Club * Youth & Prince George Kabaddi Club * Vancouver Kabaddi Club * Desmaesh & Shan-e-Punjab * Azaad & Abbotsford Kabaddi Club
Winner – Dhesmesh & Bhagat Singh Kabaddi Club (46) beating Vancouver Kabaddi Club (30.5)
Best Stopper – Aman Khundi and Pinda
Best Raider – Manga Mithapuria and (Rock) Ranjeet Singh

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