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Day 5 Matches – World Kabaddi Cup 2013

There are total of 4 Kabaddi matches schedule for Day 5 at the World Kabaddi Cup 2013. The day starts off with Spain Vs. Argentina, both these teams are evenly matched, with Spain being slightly better. Second match is between England and Denmark, followed by women’s kabaddi match, New Zealand Vs. Kenya. The last match of the day is India vs. Kenya.

Online Matches Full
Spain 47 Vs. Argentina 24
Denmark 28 Vs. England 59
New Zealand 51 Vs. Kenya 21 (Women)
India 69 Vs. Kenya 32

LIVE Day 16 Kabaddi World Cup 2011 – Jalandhar, Punjab India

Live and recorded kabaddi matches from day 16 of World Kabaddi Cup 2011 can be seen by following the link below. Day 16 matches will be played in Jalandhar, Punjab . Kabaddi matches are set up begin at 7:00pm Punjab time, that’s 5:30am Pacific Standard Time. Today’s kabaddi matches will decide who plays in the Semi Finals on Nov. 18th. India and Canada are already through from pool A to the semis. The following kabaddi matches will be played today:


UK (55) Vs. Turkmenistan (17) (women)
Italy (74) Vs. Sri Lanka (16)
Pakistan (62) Vs. Spain (14)

Pearls World Kabaddi Cup 2011 – Day 11 – Amritsar, Punjab India

Day 11 of World Kabaddi Cup 2011 will be played in Amritsar, Punjab. The following matches will be played today:


Argentina (53) Vs. SriLanka (49)
Pakistan (67) Vs. Norway (15)
USA (54) Vs. Spain (35)

Pearls World Kabaddi Cup 2011 – Day 10 – Doda, Punjab Indiatt

**Breaking News – Canada Kabaddi Team may walkout of the Punjab World Kabaddi Cup. Tournament organizers have changed the date of Canada Vs. India match from Nov. 15th to Nov. 10th. In protest Team Canada may walkout! 3 key Canadian players are injured and with 4 suspended Canada is left with 7 healthy players.


** Update – Team Canada players want to walk out but are being forced to play or they will be BANNED in CANADA!! India Vs. Canada is the 3rd match of the day. Sandeep Lallian and Gurpreet are expected to play

UK (45) Vs. Australia (32)
India (49) Vs. Canada (23)
Afghanistan (26) Vs. Germany (62)

Live Coverage of Pearls World Kabaddi Cup 2011 – Day 5 Roop, Punjab India

Live coverage of day 5 at World Kabaddi Cup 2011 is being held in Roop Punjab India. Please playing today:
Argentina (62) Vs. Norway (25)
Pakistan (71) Vs. Sri Lanka (9)
USA (56) Vs. Italy (37)


Due to PTC contacting us about copyright infringement we will not be showing this video. Our intensions are simply to promote Kabaddi.

LIVE Coverage of Day 3 – Pearls World Kabaddi Cup 2011 – Gurdaspur Punjab3

Live coverage of day 3 at Pearls World Kabaddi Cup 2011 features matches between:
Norway (49) Vs. Spain (35)
Italy (68) Vs. Argentina (8)
Pakistan (39) Vs. USA (43)


Live Coverage of Pearls World Kabaddi Cup 2011 – Day 2 at Fraidkot Punjab

Live coverage of Group matches from Nehru Stadium in Fraidkot, Punjab. Day 2 of the World Kabaddi Cup starts with:
1. Australia (59) Vs. Nepal (23)
2. India (70) Vs. Germany (18)
3. Canada (63) Vs. Afghanistan (15)
Scroll down for all 3 matches.