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Day 6 – World Kabaddi Cup 2013

On day 6 of World Kabaddi Cup there are four matches being played. The opening match is between Argentina and Kenya, this is Argentina’s second match in as many days and should be two evenly teams going up against each other. The second match is between Pakistan and Sierra Leone. This should be an easy match for Pakistan and a learning opportunity for Sierra Leone, who has improve from the start of this tournament. The third match is a women’s kabaddi match between Denmark and Mexico. Denmark is coming off a very strong win over Pakistan and should defeat Mexico easily. Last and final match of the day is between Scotland and Canada with team Canada being a heavy favorite. Matches begin at 5:00 pm Indian Time, that’s 3:30 am Pacific Time.


Watch Online Matches
Argentina 37 Vs. Kenya 55
Canada 72 Vs. Scotland 15
Denmark 42 Vs. Mexico 25 (Women)
Pakistan 70 Vs. Sierra Leone 13