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LIVE World Kabaddi Cup 2013 Punjab India – Day 10 Matches

Day 9 at World Cup Kabaddi Punjab has four matches scheduled. The day starts with men’s match between Denmark Vs. Scotland. These two teams are new and are fairly evenly matched, except the score to be close and match to be entertaining. Next match is between Argentina and USA, with USA being the heavy favoirte in this match. In the women’s kabaddi match it will be Mexico taking on Pakistan. Though Pakistain should win the match, the mexican women shoudl put up a fight. Last and best match of the day is between England and Canada. Whoever wins this match will advance to the semi finals and the other will be eliminated from the tournament. Matches start at 12:00 pm Indian Standard Time, that’s 10:30 pm (Dec. 9th) Pacific Standard Time

Watch Online Matches
Denmark 56 Vs. Scotland 44
Argentina 59 Vs. USA 39
Mexico 24 Vs. Pakistan 49 (women)
Canada 36 Vs. England 44

Day 7 – World Cup Kabaddi Punjab 2013

Day 7 at World Cup Kabaddi Punjab 2013 has four matches scheduled to be played. There are total of two men’s matches and two women’s matches. In The men’s category it will be Spain Vs. USA and India Vs. Argentina. The first men’s matches between USA and Spain should be the most competitive matches because the teams are closely matched. For women’s matches it’s Pakistan Vs. England and India Vs. USA> The match between Pakistan and England should be a good one, Pakistani women will be looking for their first win. Matches start at 12:00 pm Indian Standard Time, that’s 10:30 pm (Dec. 6th) Pacific Standard Time. Links are posted below

Watch Match Online
Spain 26 Vs. USA 51
India 59 Vs. USA 15 (women)
Pakistan 41 Vs. England 30 (women)
India 50 Vs. Argentina 32

Day 4 – Kabaddi World Cup 2013

There are total of 4 matches being played today at 4th World Kabaddi Cup. Scotland will be taking on Sierra Leone, Pakistan Vs. Denmark and best match of the with Canada taking on England. The winner of Canada Vs. England will most likely decide who will make it to the Semi Finals. For the women’s, it will be Team England Vs. Mexico. This is Mexico’s first ever Kabaddi World Cup, while this is the 3rd cup for women’s team England. Matches will begin at 5:00 pm Indian Standard Time, that’s 3:30 am Pacific Standard Time.

Watch Matches Full
Scotland 25 Vs. Sierra Leone 58
Pakistan 77 Vs. Denmark 22
Mexcio 45 Vs. England 29 (Women)

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