July 10th 2011 – LIVE Coverage of Azaad Kabaddi Club Tournament – Matches, Player and Organizers Interviews

LIVE coverage of the Kabaddi matches will begin at 10am Pacific Standard Time. That’s 10:30pm July 10th 2011 Punjab Time.

Watch Players like Hardeep Tau, Papu Churcukhia, Labhi, Sippy, Hardeep Dhillon and Nindi Deol fight to win their first Cup of the Season.

Fraser Valley Kabaddi Club 2011

Watch the Fraser Valley Kabaddi Club in Action on July 3rd at the Shan E Punjab Kabaddi Tournament

Richmond Kabaddi Club 2011

Watch Richmond Kabaddi Club take on the world’s best players on July 3rd on www.livekabaddi.com..Shane E Punjab Kabaddi Tournament..

Victoria Kabaddi Cup 2011 – Match Highlights – Interviews and More

Kabaddi Matches



Players Interviews


Organizers Interviews


Azaad Kabaddi Club Vs. Young Kabaddi Club – Victoria Kabaddi Cup Final

Open Final Match between Azaad Kabaddi Club and Young Kabaddi Club held on June 13th 2011 at Victoria, BC.

Young Kabaddi Club Vs. Komagata Maru Kabaddi Club – Victoria Kabaddi Cup

This Second semi-final between Young Kabaddi Club and Komagata Maru Kabaddi saw the return of the living legend Deepa Mathuda

Azaad Kabaddi Club Vs. International Calgary – Victoria Kabaddi Cup 2011

First Semi Final between Azaad Kabaddi Club Vs. International Calgary in Victoria, BC held on June 13th 2011. Azaad kabaddi Club stopper Hardeep Dhillion Makes 12 Stops.