LIVE Canada Kabaddi Cup 2013 – Sept.21st – Toronto, Canada

Watch the 23rd Canada Kabaddi Cup 2013 LIVE from Toronto, Canada on Sept. 21st at 7am PST, that’s 7:30pm IST. Watch teams from Canada East, USA, UK, India, Norway and Canada West go up against each other. Players playing: Mangi, Gaggi, Manga, Khusi, Sandeep Dirba, Sandeep Nagal Ambia, Pala Jalapuria, Hardeep Tauo, Rock, Junni California, Gurpreet Burj Hari, Kinda Biharipuria, Sandeep Gurdaspuria, Meek Seattlewala, Baljit Sadoke, Nikka Nihal

Winner: England beats Canada 51.5-42
Best Stopper: Jeeti Kooner
Best Raider: Sandeep Ludhar

Semi Final 1: India Vs. UK

Semi Final 2: USA Vs. England

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  1. desi says:

    Where is the live man?

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