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Lahore Lions Vs. Yo Yo Tigers – Sept. 7th – World Kabaddi League

Lahore Lions score convincing win over Yo Yo Tigers to move into second place in Wave World Kabaddi League


· Man of the match: Shafiq Ahmad Chisti (Lahore Lions)
· Best Raider: Shafiq Ahmad Chisti (Lahore Lions) (29 raids)
· Best Stopper: Mohammed Ramzan (Lahore Lions) (5 stops)

Ludhiana, September 7: Lahore Lions rallied from a first quarter deficit to beat Yo Yo Tigers and move into sole second position in the inaugural Wave World Kabaddi League. Lahore Lions won 69-59.

Lahore Lions rode on the exploits of raiders Shafiq Ahmad Chisti (29 raids) and Akmal Shazad Dogar (22 raids) between the contributed 51 of their team’s 69 points they coasted to a convincing win.The fourth win in five matches took Lahore Lions’ tally to eight points. Khalsa Warriors, who were held to a tie by Punjab Thunder on Saturday lead with nine points, while Lahore Lions have eight.

Earlier in the day United Singhs beat Royal Kings USA 59-53 to take their tally to six points. United Singhs and Yo Yo Tigers share third place on the table with six points each from five matches.

Shafiq was adjudged the Wave Man of the Match and also the Top Raider of the Match. Mohammed Ramzan (5 stops) was the Best Stopper. Shafiq’s 29 raids is the best so far in the Wave WKL League. The Sonalika Best Raid of the Day combined for both matches on Sunday was won by Baljeet Singh of Royal Kings USA.

The arrival of the Wave WKL into Punjab seems to have spurred all the teams as the matches have become closer and more thrilling. After two close games on Saturday, one of them being a tie, the two games on Sunday were once again great thrillers.

Yo Yo Tigers began well, as their skipper, Manminder Singh, a three-time Man of the Match this season, as usual gave his team a great start. In addition raider Sandeep, too chipped in well, as both scored five successful raids each. Stopper Kulveer Singh Kaka had two good stops. Despite Shafiq (6) and Akmal (5) giving their team a boost, Yo Yo Tigers held a slender advantage at 16-15.

The Lahore Lions, whose only loss so far has been to Khalsa Warriors moved into their rhythm in the second quarter with both Akmal and Shafiq giving them 100 strike rate with their raids. Lahore soon overtook Yo Yo Tigers as Shafiq and Akmal’s aggressive raids paid rich dividends.
Shafiq in particular thrilled the spectators with elusive jumps and getting away from the clutches of the Yo Yo stoppers. They also exposed the weaknesses in Yo Yo defence. By the end of the second session, both Shafiq and Akmal had conducted 14 successful raids each.

Raiders Manminder and Sandeep did put up a fight, but Lahore Lions were slowly but surely pulling away.The Shafiq-Akmal combine continued to rule in the third session as Yo Yo Stoppers seemed to struggle against them. The Lahore duo won most of their raids as the team kept inching further away despite the best efforts of Manminder, Sandeep and Angrez Singh.

In the final quarter Lahore Lions kept up the momentum and their raiders kept adding to their tally.

United Singhs Vs. Royals Kings USA – Sept. 7th – World Kabaddi League

Sandeep carries United Singh’s to a narrow win over Royal Kings USA in Wave World Kabaddi League/p>

– Man of the match: Sandeep Singh Sandhu (United Singhs)
– Best Raider: Shafiq Muhammad Butt (United Singhs (16 raids)
– Best Stopper: Sandeep Singh Sandhu (United Sings) (8 stops)

Ludhiana, September 7: The United Singhs owned by a Birmingham-based group edged out a fighting Royal Kings USA 59-53 to post their third win of the Wave World Kabaddi League at the packed Hockey Stadium in Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

The arrival of the Wave WKL into Punjab seems to have galvanized all the teams as the matches have become closer. After two close games on Saturday, one of them being a tie, the first match on Sunday was also a tight one with United Singhs emerging winners by a mere four points.

United Singhs showed themselves to be quick learners, as they began controlling their speed on the slippery surface after trailing in the first quarter.

As the match progressed, the difference between the teams was United Singhs skipper Sandeep Singh Sandhu who was not only the best stopper but also the Wave Man of the Match with eight stops. Sandeep is a player of Indian origin but is now UK-based and a British passport holder. Shafiq Muhammad Butt, United Singhs’ raider of Pakistani origin, affected 16 successful raids to carry his team to a fine win.

With their third win United Singhs now have six points from five games, while Royal Kings USA with two points from five matches languish at the bottom alongside Vancouver Lions and California Eagles. Reigning at the top of the League are Khalsa Warriors with four wins and one tie for a total of nine points.

United Singhs seemed to have got the grip of things, literally as they moved around much more deftly in both attacks and defence and held a slender advantage from the start. Yet the battle continued to close and intense.

It was Royal Kings, who got off to a good start in opening quarter and built up a two-point advantage at 14-12 but the United Singhs fought back very well to move ahead by the end of the next quarter.

United Singh’s Gagandeep Nagra was the lynchpin with four successful raids while Narvinder Bagga held the fort for Royal Kings USA with three successful raids.

The United Singhs fought back and moved into a higher gear in the second half as they not only closed the gap but moved ahead by three points at 29-26. As United Singhs staged their rally, the scores were level at 21-all and then again 23-all, before they edged ahead.

To make things better the weather cooled down, too. United Singh’s Pakistani import, Shafiq Muhammad Butt stood out with some excellent raids, one of them which was a brilliant escape from the clutches of Royal Kings’ stopper, Harkirat Singh. With seven successful raids in two sessions, he emerged as pivot for United Singhs.

Daljeet Singh with five raids in the first half of the match did his bit for the Royal Kings and Harkirat Singh was their main stopper.By the end of the third quarter United Singhs moved into a stronger position opening up a handy nine-point lead at 46-37. In the defence, Sandeep Singh Sandhu continued to be the cornerstone for United Singhs, while their raiders, Gagandeep Nagara and Shafiq kept piling on the points from their successful forays.

In the final quarter, the United Singhs maintained their edge and did not relent despite a late fightback and narrowing down of the gap by the Royal Kings USA. The Birmingham-based United Singhs have four players of Indian origin who are now based in UK and they also have Shafiq Muhammad Butt, a player of Pakistani origin. In contrast, the Sacramento-based Royal Kings USA have a US-based owner but their players are all essentially India-based.

The second match scheduled for Sunday between Yo Yo Tigers and Lahore Lions is about to begin. Both teams have six points each./p>

California Eagles Vs. Vancouver Lions – Sept. 6th – World Kabaddi League

California Eagles register first win of World Kabaddi League beating out Vancouver Lions with a score of 58-52


For the second time in the day, it was a close match, but this time California Eagles did not let up and went through to win.
Earlier in the day, Punjab Thunder took Khalsa Warriors to the wire before Khalsa Warriors won 59-57. In the second match of the evening, played under very humid conditions, California Eagles did well to beat Vancouver Lions 58-52 and log their first win of the Wave World Kabaddi League on Saturday.

Both California Eagles and Vancouver Lions have two points each from five matches. California Eagles, winless since the start of the League, opened with a sense of purpose. With Sukhpal contributing five successful raids and Balkar Singh making to two successful stops, California Eagles were 16-13 up in first quarter. The same duo Sukhpal (nine raids in two quarters) and Balkar (four stops in two quarters) saw California Eagles lead 31-25 at half time.

California Eagles, who led by three after first quarter and then by six after second, made it eight points by the end of the third quarter. Even as Balkar Singh was the star stopper for California Eagles, Gagandeep Sabrawa was the most successful raider with 14 raids till then for Vancouver Lions.

Once again as in the first match, the gap seemed to narrow down as the end neared, and was down to four points with less than a minute to go, but California Eagles made no mistake and romped home victors by 58-52. Gagandeep finished with 21 successful raids to emerge as the Sonalika Man of the Match also though his team lost the match.

The second match of the day between California Eagles and Vancouver Lions, too, was closely fought with the former finally walking away victors at 58-52. It was California Eagles’ first win in five matches. They have two points, the same as Vancouver Lions, who won their first match last week in Delhi against United Singhs.

The day’s Special Guests included Mr. Sikander Singh Maluka, Cabinet Minister of Rural Development, Government of Punjab.

Khalsa Warrios Vs. Punjab Thunder – Sept. 6th 2014 – World Kabaddi League

Khalsa Warriors edge out Punjab Thunder in nail-biting finish in Wave World Kabaddi League with a score of 59-57.


– Man of the match: Sultan Singh (Punjab Thunder)
– Best Raider: Sultan Singh (Punjab Thunder) (26 raids)
– Best Stopper :Gurpeet Singh Gopi (Khalsa Warriors) (7 stops)

Ludhiana, September 6: Wave World Kabaddi League’s first match in Punjab went right down to the wire as Khalsa Warriors held their nerves in the closing stages to stop a brilliant effort from Punjab Thunder. As the Wave World Kabaddi League made its long-awaited arrival into Punjab, widely considered as the Home of Kabaddi, Khalsa Warriors won their fifth straight win 59-57 and maintained their unbeaten streak.

Despite their great fight back Punjab Thunder had to face a defeat, but their held their heads high with a great show at the Hockey Ground in Punjab Agricultural University in the heart of Ludhiana.Khalsa Warriors’ fifth straight came via a point on their final raid from Jasmanpreet Singh. It was by far the closest match of the Wave WKL.

It took the third umpire and several TV replays to separate the teams, as the final raid by Jasmanpreet Singh of Khalsa Warriors was declared as a successful one by the umpire after a close look. At one stage, even the screens flashed 58-58 for the first tie of the league. However, Punjab Thunder’s joy was short-lived but they took it sportingly and the two teams hugged each other and walked away from the court to the thunderous applause from the 8,000-odd spectators.

Punjab Thunder had the consolation as their star raider, Sultan Singh, was adjudged the man of the match for his superb performance that included 26 successful raids many of them in crucial stages. The Best Raider was also Sultan Singh, whose tally of 26 points equaled the previous best of 26 by his own teammate Talwinder Singh, who achieved it against Royal Lings USA last week in Delhi. The Best stopper was Khalsa Warriors was Gurpreet Singh Gopi with seven stops.
Khalsa Warriors seemed to be running away with the match as they held handy leads at the end of each of the first three quarters. But into the final quarter, Punjab Thunder turned in a brilliant comeback to narrow the gap to as little as one.

When the final quarter began Khalsa Warriors were 48-39 ahead and seemingly coasting to another convincing win, but Punjab Thunder led by raiders Sultan Singh and Talwinder Singh produced a brilliant performance. However Khalsa Warriors held their nerve in the crucial stages. In the last four minutes the gap between the two teams was never more than three points and quite often as little as one.

But Khalsa Warriors never let that narrow lead vanish. When the final raid came from Jasmanpreet with barely a few seconds left, the drama became even more thrilling as he seemed to have successfully thwarted. But he pulled clear and was awarded the point on technicality and his team had achieved their fifth win, despite Punjab Thunder producing a heart-stopping finish.

With the weather cooling off following the rains, which stopped for the first time after four days, Khalsa Warriors took full advantage and ran up a handy lead from the start and kept building on it. Then came the dramatic finish in the final stages of the match, which had the crowds on the edge of their seats.

With their fifth win in a row, Khalsa Warriors now have 10 points, while Yo Yo Tigers and Lahore Lions, both of whom will be seen in action on Sunday, have six points each from three wins in four matches.

For Punjab Thunder this was their third loss in five matches. Their earlier losses came at the hands of Lahore Lions and United Singhs. Punjab Thunder now has four points.

Raiders Gagandeep Jogewal, Talwinder Singh and Yugraj gave Khalsa Warriors the upper hand from the first quarter itself and stopper Gurpreet Singh ably supported them. For Punjab Thunder, raider Sultan Singh and stopper Lakhwinder Singh were the stars.

Vancouver Lions Vs. United Singhs – Aug. 31st – World Kabaddi League 2014

Vancouver Lions scored their first win in World Kabaddi League beating United Singhs in a close match with a score of 57-53

– Man of the match: Gagandeep Singh Sabrawa (Vancouver Lion )
– Best Raider: Gagandeep Singh Sabrawa, Vancouver Lions (18 raids)
– Best Stopper: Sandeep Singh Sandhu, United Singhs (6stops)

New Delhi, August 31: It took four games and a great fight-back in the last two quarters from Vancouver Lions to score their maiden win of the inaugural Wave World Kabaddi League on Sunday. Playing in front a highly enthusiastic holiday crowd, which roared at every raid and stop, egging on the players, Vancouver Lions beat United Singhs 57-53 in one of the closest matches of the league to pick their first points and moved up one place from their erstwhile position at the bottom of the table.

Gagandeep Singh Sabrawa was the main of the match as well as the Best Raider contributing 18 points to his team’s kitty, while Sandeep Singh put up a valiant show for United Singh with six stops in the 15th match of the League.

The match was so close that it difficult to set the teams apart. The United Singh were narrowly ahead at 14-13 after the first quarter, but increased that to a sizeable 29-24 at the midway stage, before the Vancouver Lions staged a remarkable comeback to snatch the lead at 40-39 at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium.

The visitors from Canada then managed to nose ahead to 57-53 by the end for a huge morale-boosting win. The four-point difference also equaled the record for the smallest margin of four points – Yo Yo Tigers beat Royals Kings by a similar difference 58-54 last week at the same venue.

United Singhs, who have now lost two games and won as many, have four points, while Khalsa Warriors, very popular winners over Lahore Lions last night, lead the table with eight points. Lahore Lions are second with six points, while United Singhs and Yo Yo Tigers, who have one more game to go against point-less California Eagles in the late night Sunday game, have also got four points. Royal Kings USA (three matches) have two points.

Among the enthusiastic Special Guests at the match was Mr. Russel Abel, First Secretary, British High Commission.

After Sunday’s second and last match of the Delhi leg, the next set of matches will be played at the Guru Nanak Stadium in Ludhiana on the next weekend, September 6-7, 2014.

Punjab Thunder Vs. Royals Kings USA – Aug. 30 – World Kabaddi League 2014

Punjab Thunder registers 2nd win by defeating Royal Kings USA by 63-42 in the 14th match of World Kabaddi League 2014

– Man of the match : Talwinder Singh( Punjab Thunder )
– Best Raider: Talwinder Singh (26 raids)
– Best Stopper: Yadwinder Singh (6 stops)
– Stopper Yadwinder Singh scores a hat trick as best stopper

New Delhi, August 30: Punjab Thunder outdueled Royal Kings USA with an easy win of 63-42 in an action packed 14th match in the Wave World Kabaddi League at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium on Saturday during the second match of the day. From the very first quarter Punjab Thunder dominated the match and point difference kept growing with each quarter. The match started with jubilation, as both teams geared up for a tooth on teeth contention. The star stopper Yadwinder Singh of Punjab Thunder stopped the first raid by Balram Singh of Royal Kings USA giving them a lead of one point at the start of the match. Thereby numerous raids by the Royal Kings USA were made unsuccessful by the stoppers of Punjab Thunder. Gradually Punjab Thunder overpowered Royal Kings USA giving them no chance to bounce back. Yadvinder Singh, Sukhmanjeet Singh were the best stoppers and Talwinder Singh were inevitable raiders of the Punjab Thunder, who led the team to winning position by 26 points difference over the Royal Kings USA.

Earlier during the first match Khalsa Warriors defeated Lahore Lions, a team from across the border by a score of 64- 55.

Star players:

Talwinder Singh, Sultan Singh, Sultan Mohammad and Baljeet Singh were the star raiders from Punjab Thunder and their prominent stoppers were skipper Yadwinder Singh, Satwinder Gill and Sukhmanjeet Singh.

For the Royal Kings USA, raiders Balram Singh and Gurlal Singh shone out and their prominent stoppers were Jasrakan Singh and Harwinder Singh.

Lahore Lions Vs. Punjab Thunder Aug. 24th 2014 – World Kabaddi League Matches

Lahore Lions continues their winning spree and registers their 3rd consecutive win by defeating Punjab Thunder by 64-44 in the 12th match of World Kabaddi League 2014

Man of the match : Akmal Shahzad Dogar( Lahore Lions)
Best Raider: Akmal Shahzad Dogar- Lahore Lions(19 raids)
Best Stopper: Yadwinder Singh- Punjab Thunder (7 stops)

New Delhi, 24 August 2014: Lahore Lions continued their winning spree and registered their 3rd consecutive win by defeating Punjab Thunder by 64-44 in the 12th match of the Wave World Kabaddi League 2014 today here in New Delhi at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium. While Lahore Lions have won all the three matches in the league, Punjab Thunder had lost two matches and won one match so far in the league. Last week Lahore Lions defeated Royal Kings USA, while Punjab Thunder defeated California Eagles during the matches played at the UK leg.

The first quarter started on a poised note where both the team showed good team effort to maintain a healthy competition between them. A tooth on teeth fights, with attack and counter attack. Lahore Lions captain Shafiq Ahmad Chisti and Lala Saifullah was as invincible as before leading the number of raids for the team. Sarabjit Singh and Satwinder Singh from Punjab Thunder too were exemplary on their approach in keeping the point’s margin narrow. The quarter ended with a point’s tally of 16 -12 with Lahore Lions having an edge over the Punjab Thunder of 4 points lead.

In the second quarter both the teams looked fully composed and did quite a few successful raids. Punjab Thunder though was trailing with 4 points but they started the raid on a very positive manner and started the match by successfully converting the first raid into a point. On the other hand Lahore Lions not only maintained the lead but also kept on widening the point difference. Punjab Thunder tried their best to come back in the game but continued to lose points. Lahore Lions played a very impressive match and took the lead to 11 points difference with final score of 33-22 at the end of half time of the match.

The moments of the 3rd quarter was very exciting as it seemed clinical and tactical by the approach of Lahore Lions who were heading for a knock out of their opponent. It started with flurry of attacks by both the teams. Lahore Lions were inevitable on their opponents as stoppers like Naeem Sindhu and Mohd. Ramzan shattered the raids made by the players of Punjab Thunder. Shafiq Ahmad Chisti and Akmal Shahzad Dogar of Lahore Lions lead from the front and charted out a victory path for their team Lahore Lions of 11 points. The final points tally clocked at 47 – 36 at the end.

The final quarter ended with a winning streak for the Lahore Lions. Team members from the Lahore Lions secured their victory over the Punjab Thunder by 20 points lead with final points tally of 64 – 44. The Lions reined the arena commanding the game from the very start displaying their superiority over their opponent.