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Vancouver Lions Vs. Royal Kings USA – Sept. 19th – World Kabaddi League

Vancouver Lions edge out Royal Kings in Battle of North America in World Kabaddi League


– Man of the match: Gagandeep Singh of Vancouver Lions
– Best Raider: Gagandeep Singh of Vancouver Lions ( 18 raids)
– Best Stopper: Jairo Chavez of Vancouver Lions( 7 stops) in his maiden match
– Third win for Vancouver Lions, move to six points
– Hans Raj Hans thrills spectators at Wave WKL

Jalandhar, September 19: The two North American teams, Vancouver Lions and Royal Kings USA, which have been somewhat slow to start with were engaged in a tight clash as the third weekend of action in Wave World Kabaddi League commenced this evening. One of the highlights of the evening was the legendary singer Hans Raj Hans, who have a brilliant live performance who had come to watch kabaddi and got his show as a bonus.

Vancouver Lions, who were tied at the end of first quarter and then pulled away to a handy by the end of third, survived narrowly before registering a 54-51 win as Royal Kings put up a great fight in the closing stages. Arriving into Burlton Park in Jalandhar, home of many a legend in Indian sport, the Wave WKL was an immediate hit with the locals, who packed the stadium to capacity. Vancouver Lions now have six points from six games and moved up on the table, while Royal Kings lie at the bottom with two points from eight matches.

Khalsa Warriors, who are the only unbeaten team in the Wave WKL so far have 13 points from six wins and one tie, while Lahore Lions, United Singhs and Yo Yo Tigers have eight each. But Lahore have played only five matches, while United have played six and Yo Yo have had seven outings.

Coming into this match, Royal Kings had just one win from seven games and Vancouver Lions had two from six and were at the bottom of the table. But Friday’s match held out the promise that these two teams will soon come into their own and begin to pose problems for the higher placed teams. The opening quarter saw an very close battle with the score reading 13-13 at the end of the session and in the second Vancouver moved ahead slightly at 27-25 but there was little to separate the teams.

Vancouver Lions made the decisive break in the third quarter, which they grabbed 16-10 and took the total score to 43-35, as their raiders came into their rhythm and broke away for a series of points. Into the final session, Royal Kings fought tooth and nail in closing stages but were not able to close the gap to better than three points as Vancouver Lions won 54-51 for their third win in seven matches.

Khalsa Warrios Vs. California Eagles – Sept. 15th – World Kabaddi League

Khalsa Warriors remain unbeaten; defeated California Eagles by 59-54 in the World Kabaddi League 2014


– Man of the match: Jagmohan Singh of California Eagles
– Best Raider: Jagmohan Singh of California Eagles (19 raids)
– Best Stopper: Gurpreet Gopi of Khalsa Warriors (4 stops)
– Sonalika Power Raider of the day: Gagandeep Singh of Khalsa Warriors

Bhatinda, 15 September 2014: In full house stadium, the last match of the Bhatinda leg saw an exciting and thrilling finish where Khalsa Warriors remained unbeaten and defeated California Eagles by 59-54 in the 26th match of the Wave World Kabaddi League 2014. Next week the league will travel to Jalandhar with matches beginning from 19-21st September 2014.

The first quarter saw an exuberant fight between Khalsa Warriors and California Eagles. It was a neck to neck fight and the first quarter resulted in a draw. Both the team showcased great performance, strength and agility and overpowered each other in their every raid. None of the team members did a single stop against each other in the first quarter. Gagandeep Singh and Jasmanpreet Singh were the star raiders for Khalsa Warriors and Jagmohan Makhi and Parneek Singh were the star raiders for California Eagles. The quarter ended with the score of 14 – 14.

The second quarter witnessed grit and resilience showed by both the teams. A match which was dominated by the raiders thorough the game which remained equally poised till the 48 raids when the jinx was broken by Mikhail Jamaal Abdul Latif( Meek Seattle) of California Eagles grounding Jugraj Singh Jagga of Khalsa Warriors by locking him on the ground giving the raider no room to free himself. An absolute tug of war between the two teams probably the best match ever witnessed in this tournament. A sheer neck to neck competition ended in a score tally of 26 – 29 where California Eagles were leading with 3 points ahead of the Khalsa Warriors.

It was first time in Wave WKL that Khalsa Warriors was seen trailing in the match with 3 points. The 3rd quarter started on a very exciting note and both the team fought hard to earn points for their team. On one hand California Eagles were trying to maintain their lead whereas Khalsa Warriors tried to come back in the game. It was in the 21st minute of the match when Khalsa Warriors equalled the score. California Eagles did not lose hope and again in the 26th minute they took 3 points lead over Khalsa Warriors in quick succession. However Khalsa Warriors bounced back in the game in the final minutes of the 3rd quarter and took a lead of 2 points over California Eagles with final score of 42-40.

The last quarter saw neck to neck fight with each point proving precious for both the teams and turned out to be the most exciting quarter of the match. It was an intense match which saw equal points scoring by both the teams till the remaining 37 minutes of the game. The last 3 minutes turned the match in favour of the Khalsa Warriors and stoppers of California Eagles could not stop the raiders. So the table topper Khalsa Warriors continued with their winning spree and defeated California Eagles with final point of 59-54.

United Singhs Vs. Yo Yo Tigers – Sept. 15th – World Kabaddi League

United Singhs beats Yo Yo Tigers by 67-35 with the highest margin of 32 points in 25th match of World Kabaddi League 2014


– Man of the match: Sandeep Singh Sandhu & Shaifiq Butt (United Singhs)
– Best Raider: Shafiq Butt of United Singhs (20 raids)
– Best Stopper: Sandeep Singh Sandhu of United Singhs (10 stops)
– Match of the match award shared first time in the history of WKL

Bhatinda, 15 September 2014: The opening match of the last day of the Bhatinda leg played in city’s Hockey Stadium at Rajindra College saw an electrifying start between Yo Yo Tigers and United Singhs. The match witnessed good attacks by both the teams. However United Singhs stole the show and won the match with the highest margin of 32 points and defeated Yo Yo Tigers by 67- 35. Next week the league will travel to Jalandhar with matches beginning from 19-21st September 2014.

The opening quarter of the match saw a good start by both the teams. Shafiq Butt of United Singhs scored the first point for his team. Angrej Singh of Yo Yo Tigers was stopped by stopper Baljeet Singh Jeeti Kooner of United Singhs in an excellent stop. The first quarter witnessed few adrenaline rush moments and made the position of United Singhs stronger in the game. Shaifiq Butt of United Singhs made 5 successful raids whereas skipper Sandeep Singh Sandhu made 2 successful stops. Manminder Singh of Yo Yo Tigers remained the top raider of his team with 5 successful raids. However, United Singhs dominated the first quarter and at the end the points at the scoreboard was of 8-18 with a point difference of 10 points.

United Singhs started the 2nd quarter on a positive note and successfully converted a point for the team in the very first raid. Yo Yo Tigers tried to bounce back and were doing well in their every raid. Gurwinderpal Golu and Shafiq Butt were the star raiders for the United Singhs. Till the 18th minute of the match no stops were made by the defending teams. United Singhs maintained the lead of 11 points over Yo Yo Tigers with a final score of 32 – 19 on the score board.

The third quarter started with much excitement where teams clashed with each other trying to ensure a lead over the other, a part of the match which was completely dominated by the stoppers of United Singh with Yo-Yo Tigers showing some desperate effort to gain over their opponents. Manminder Singh, captain of Yo-Yo Tigers was severely hurt in a raid. An teeth shattering performance by the defenders from United Singh shattering the raids conducted by the raiders of Yo-Yo Tigers at frequent intervals. Defenders Sukhpreet Singh and Sandeep Singh Sandhu were invincible who took the charge in cementing the win over the Yo-Yo Tigers. Shafiq Butt of United Singhs and Vikas Singh of Yo-Yo Tigers were the star raiders of this quarter. The final tally on the score board rounded of to 28 – 50 with 22 points lead for the United Singhs.

Although the United Singhs dominated the match from the very beginning but Yo Yo Tigers tried their best for coming back to the game. Some good stops by the captain Sandeep Singh Sandhu of United Singhs and excellent raids by Shafiq Butt made the position of the United Singhs firm in the game. By the end of the fourth quarter United Singhs stole the show and won the match with a highest margin of 32 points with the final score of 67-35.

California Eagles Vs. Royal Kings USA – Sept. 14th – World Kabaddi League

California Eagles beat Royal Kings USA for second win in the Wave World Kabaddi League 2014


– Man of the match: Jagmohan Singh of California Eagles
– Best Raider: Jagmohan Singh Makhi of California Eagles
– Best Stopper: Meek Abdul Latif, an US citizen in his maiden match

Bhatinda, 14 September 2014: California Eagles had to stage a fine comeback in the second half to register their second victory of the inaugural Wave World Kabaddi League scoring a comprehensive 63-51 verdict over Royal Kings USA in the second match on Sunday.

In the process California Eagles also avenged their loss to Royal Kings, who beat the former in the weekend of the Wave WKL in London. Spurred by their star raider, Jagmohan Singh Makhi, California Eagles, whose only win so far was against Vancouver Lions last week in Ludhiana, recovered from a deficit in first two quarters to outplay their opponents in the last two quarters.

California Eagles now have four points from six matches, while Royal Kings USA, have just two points from seven games.Khalsa Warriors lead the table with nine points, while Yo Yo Tigers and Lahore Lions have eight each.

The first quarter was dominated by the raiders breaching the opposition defence. Jagmohan Singh Makhi of California Eagles was one of the star raiders but Gurlal Singh Captain of Royal Kings USA also played a fine role for his team. Yet, the first quarter ended in 15-14 with Royal Kings USA holding a narrow gap.

The California Eagles made concerted attempt to bounce back in the second quarter, but raiders from Royal King USA helped their side hold the narrow edge as the quarter 30-29 for Royal Kings USA.

The last two quarters were dominated by the California Eagles where excellent raids made by Jagmohan Singh Makhi and successful stops by the new entrant Meek Abdul Latif, a US citizen, in his maiden match who also took away the best stopper award. Towards the end Royal Kings USA tried their best to come back into the game but it was all in vain as California Eagles rode away to a fine win 63-51 win.

Vancouver Lions Vs. Punjab Thunder – Sept. 14th – World Kabaddi League

Vancouver Lions beats Punjab Thunder by 57-46 making their position better in the 23rd match of World Kabaddi League 2014


– Man of the match: Balwan Singh of Vancouver Lion
– Best Raider: Balwan Singh of Vancouver Lions( 18 raids)
– Best Stopper: Gagandeep Sattu of Vancouver Lions( 4 raids)

Bhatinda, 14 September 2014: The opening match of the second day of the Bhatinda leg in city’s Hockey Stadium at Rajindra College saw exciting and neck to neck fight game between Punjab Thunder and Vancouver Lions. The match witnessed flurry of attacks and counter attacks from both the teams but with prolonged efforts Vancouver Lions emerged victorious by defeating Punjab Thunders by 57-46. The second weekend of Punjab leg will feature six matches with seven teams in action.

The first quarter of the match started with opening points for the Vancouver Lions by Gagandeep Satti. Gagandeep Sapra of Vancouver Lions made for 4 raids and scored points for the team. The players of Punjab Thunder like Sultan Singh, Talwinder Singh Grewal and Sukhmanjeet Singh scored points for the team. In one of the stops Baljit Singh of Punjab Thunder was stopped extremely well by Satnam Singh of Vancouver Lions. After a couple of tussle between both the teams, Vancouver Lions managed to lead the points tally taking the score to 13-14 at the end of 1st quarter.

The second quarter of the match witnessed a performance of high octane energy, where the both the teams were pretty poised trying to get a hold of each other over the match. The Vancouver Lions were clinical on their raids, initially giving no scope to the defenders of the opponent team to get an advantage for scoring a point. Vancouver Lions focused on not giving away points and were much disciplined on their approach while defending the raids by Punjab Thunder. Some good moves by the defenders of Punjab Thunders in tackling the raiders of their opponent but were unlucky to convert on a successful note. Sultan Singh of Punjab Thunder and Balwan Singh of Vancouver Lions were the star raiders of this quarter whereas Satnam Singh of Vancouver Lions and Sukhmanjeet Singh of Punjab Thunder were the best stoppers for the Vancouver Lions. The quarter finished at a buoyant note, where the Lions maintained their lead with 4 points on a final tally of 24 – 28.

The third quarter of the match started with scoring point for Vancouver Lions by Gagandeep Sabrawan. Sultan Singh of Punjab thunder scored point for the team with excellent use of tactic and escaped the stop made by Vancouver Lions. However, Vancouver Lions kept leading the points tally as the stop line for them was excellent in today’s match. In spite of efforts made by Narendra Ram aka Bittu, Gurpreet Singh escaped the stop and scored points for Punjab Thunder. Gurpreet Singh of Punjab Thunder and Balwan Singh of Vancouver Lions were the star raiders of this quarter. Narendra Ram of Vancouver Lions was the star raider of the quarter. However by the end of the third quarter the point’s difference was of 6 points taking the scoreboard to 35-41.

The final quarter of the match cemented the victory for the Vancouver Lions. Aggression was at its fullest extent displayed by the Punjab Thunders who were unable to contain the Vancouver Lions who were clinical and precise to their game plan. Balwan Singh was the star raider who maintained 100% successful raids for the Lions supported by Sukhbir Singh at the end. Kulwinder Singh and Gagandeep Sattu was the anchor for the Vancouver Lions defence, giving no opportunity to the raiders of their opponent. The match witnessed a high action drama at the last quarter where Punjab Thunder was desperate to narrow the points tally. The match ended on a winning note for the Vancouver Lions with a lead of 11 points and a final score of 46 – 57.

Royal Kings USA Vs. Khalsa Warrios – Sept. 13th – 22nd Match – WKL

Khalsa Warriors beat Royal Kings USA to extend lead at the top with fifth win in the 22nd match of World Kabaddi League 2014


– Man of the match: Gagandeep Singh (Khalsa Warriors) (19 raids)
– Best Raider: Gagandeep Singh (Khalsa Warriors) (19 raids)
– Best Stopper: Karamjeet Singh (Khalsa Warriors) (6 stops)
– Sonalika Power Raid of the day: Sandeep Kumar (Yo Yo Tigers) against Punjab Thunder in the first match

Bhatinda, 13 September 2014: Khalsa Warriors, who were held to a sensational tie in their last league match in Ludhiana, returned to their winning ways beating Royal Kings USA comfortably by a margin of 64-42 to register their fifth win in six matches in the inaugural Wave World Kabaddi League. Khalsa Warriors is the only undefeated team in the league, having won five matches and tying one.

Co-owned by Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, Khalsa Warriors have 11 points, and are three points ahead of Yo Yo Tigers, who won the first match of the day, and Lahore Lions, both of whom have eight points. Khalsa Warriors and Yo Yo have played six matches each, while Lahore Lions have played five matches.

Khalsa Warriors’ dominance can be seen from the fact that four of their five wins have come with margins of over 20 points. They hold the record for the biggest winning margin – 25 points against United Singh, besides beating Yo Yo Tigers by 22 points, the same as the margin against Royal Kings and they scored a win by 21 points over Vancouver Lions. They also feature in the only tie of the Wave WKL.

As the first triple-header of the Wave WKL with matches on Saturday, Sunday and Monday got off to an electric start, the crowd loved the action with two of the teams owned by acting and singing superstars Akshay Kumar and Yo Yo Honey Singh featured in the first two matches.After Yo Yo Tigers won a close first match against Punjab Thunder, the Khalsa Warriors outplayed Royal Kings USA.

In sharp comparison to the closely fought first match, Khalsa Warriors, who have been the dominant team in the Wave WKL league, outplayed Royal Kings, for whom this was the fourth defeat in six matches. As Khalsa moved to 11 points, three ahead of their nearest rivals, Royal Kings are trailing way behind with four points.Royal Kings skipper and raider Gurlal Singh, who hails from Bhatinda, fought a great battle for his team but it was in vain.

In the first quarter Gurlal Singh and Balram Singh were star raiders for the Royal Kings, while Gagandeep Singh and Gurmeet Singh of Khalsa Warriors were the best for Khalsa as the quarter ended 16 – 12 in favour of Khalsa warriors.

In the second quarter Royal Kings getting desperate to narrow the lead did not manage to do so as the Khalsa stoppers stood in their way like a wall. Defender Satnam Sattu was Khalsa’s star in the defence as they ended extending the lead 31-24.

In the third quarter Khalsa Warriors went even further ahead over the Royal Kings. Gopi Mann and Satnam Sattu in defense and Gagandeep and Jasmanpreet Raju in offense were in no mood to give in.

Khalsa Warriors had 90% success in raids and 11 stops in this quarter as the score read 47 – 33 and the lead had doubled from seven to 14 points.

In the final quarter Khalsa Warriors locked their victory by 22 points, one of the best margins of the Wave WKL. Gagandeep Singh was the star raider of the match with 19 successful raids maintaining 100 % success rate all through and Karanjeet Singh Lasarha the best stopper with six successful stops in the match.

Yo Yo Tigers Vs. Punjab Thunder – Day 11 – Sept. 13th WKL Matches

Yo Yo Tigers move to joint second after beating Punjab Thunder by 61-58 in the 21st match of World Kabaddi League 2014


– Man of the match: Manminder Singh Saran (Yo Yo Tigers)
– Best Raider: Manminder Singh- Yo Yo Tigers (20 raids)
– Best Stopper: Yadwinder Singh-Punjab Thunder (5 stops)

Bhatinda, 13 September 2014: Raider Manminder Singh was back on the winning trail as his fourth Man of the Match award was the key to Rapper Honey Singh’s Yo Yo Tigers edging aside Punjab Thunder 61-58 in a gripping first match as the triple header in Bhatinda got off to a great start on Saturday night.

This was the fourth win for Yo Yo Tigers, who now have eight points from six matches, while Punjab Thunder have five points with two wins and one tie against three losses. Played at Bhatinda City’s Hockey Stadium at Rajindra College the clash between Yo Yo Tigers and Punjab Thunder was an exciting one in which Punjab Thunder led for the first two quarters before conceding the lead to Yo Yo, who managed to hold on to it at the finish.

The opening quarter saw aggressive raids and the stoppers had a tough time with Kulveer Singh of Yo Yo who grounded Gurpeet Singh of Punjab Thunder just about managing to hold the flag high for the defenders. Both the teams maintained an aggressive stance as Punjab Thunder led the score board by a point at 15 – 14 at the end of first quarter.

The second quarter was a tense battle with Punjab Thunder managing to keep in check Yo Yo Tigers raiders. Punjab Thunder managed to edge ahead further. As Punjab Thunder held the advantage in defence, they went seven points ahead. With 100% strike rate, Sultan Singh of Punjab Thunder was the star of the quarter. He showcased great speed and strength along with Baljeet Singh thereby assuring them lead at 31 – 24.

The third quarter was a crucial one for Yo-Yo Tigers who showed a great fightback. Initial break through by Yo-Yo Tigers helped them to bounce back and slowly they went ahead by one point. Nirvail Singh and Sohan Rurki of Yo-Yo Tigers were excellent in defence holding back Sultan Singh and Talwinder Singh’s raids.

Meanwhile Yo Yo Raider Manminder Singh found his form and rhythm alongwith Gursewak Singh Goldy and they took their lead on a path of recovery and with it moved ahead at 44 -43.

In the final quarter Yo-Yo Tigers were even more confident and Manminder Singh, who has been a pivot for them, was in brilliant form and gave Punjab Thunder little chance to hit back. Manminder finished with 20 successful raids and that was the main strength for his team.

The entire match was full of high energy where both the teams displayed great team spirit and efforts. Yo-Yo Tigers win over the Punjab Thunder resembled a disciplined approach of the winning team right from the beginning.

In terms of statistics, Yo-Yo Tigers had a raider strike rate of 93% and lead the defenders strike rate with 13 % success and 8 stops. Captain Manminder Singh, Sohan Rurki, Sandeep Kumar and Nirvail Singh were the star performers for the Tigers whose efforts led to a corroborated victory over the Punjab Thunder in the tournament. The final score was 61-58 in Yo-Yo Tigers’ favour.