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Royal Kings USA Vs. United Singhs – Sept. 26th – World Kabaddi League

United Singhs beat out Royal Kings USA with a score of 55-53 on Sept. 26th 2014 at Wave World Kabaddi League. Watch the full match with a link posted below

United Singhs VS. Royal Kings USA

Amritsar, September 26: United Singhs scored a narrow over Royal Kings USA after trailing for the first half of the match in the 33rd match of the Wave World Kabaddi league on Friday at the start of the triple header in Amritsar.

As has often in many of the close matches earlier in the season, some teams have been slow to start but then pick up quickly once they find their rhythm. United Singhs were in just that kind of a mood this evening.
Trailing 13-15 in first quarter, United were still behind at 26-27 at midway point of the match. The third quarter proved crucial as they turned the match around to go 42-37 ahead and then held on to the lead by a narrow two-point margin for a 55-53 verdict. United Singhs now have 10 points from five wins and four losses in nine games, while Royal Kings are at the bottom with two points from nine matches.

United Singhs won the toss and made a wonderful start with a convincing raid by Gagandeep Nagra.
The first quarter started on a very exciting note. The score was moving neck and neck till the 4th minute. Balram Singh and Kamaljit Singh were the top raiders for the Royals and Yadwinder Singh and Harwinder Singh were the top stoppers for them. On the other hand United Singhs gave a tough fight with Gagandeep Nagra being the top raider. Royal Kings USA stayed 15-13 ahead.

In the 2nd quarter, Royal Kings USA lost few points initially and gave room to United Singhs to level the score many times. After two successful raids by Gagandeep Nagra and Gurwinderpal Golu along with a successful stop by Gurinder Singh, United Singh equalised the score 16-16 in the 11th minute. Jagtar Singh Jagga successfully stopped an opponent’s raider and helped his team to equalise the score 20-20. But after 16th minute of the game, Royal Kings fought back with strong performances by raiders – Gurlal Singh, Balram Singh and Narvinder Bagga – and stopper Harkirat Singh, who helped their team to go back lead and maintained it till the end of the 2nd quarter but by just one point at 27-26.
Second half of the match saw the match turn in favour of United Singhs. Initially in the third quarter Royal Kings USA looked positive and started off well. Soon after United Singhs made an amazing comeback as their captain and star stopper Sandeep Singh Sandhu stopped Narvinder Bagga and turned the game by taking one point lead over Royal King USA.

Gagandeep Nagra, Baljeet Singh Toor of United Singhs outperformed and made six and four successful raids in the quarter and turned around the match in favour of United Singhs. Sandeep Singh Sandhu kept up the tempo in defence and soon United Singhs moved 5 points ahead of Royal Kings USA with 42-37 on the scoreboard.
In the final quarter the spectators were on the edge of their seats with United Singhs and Royal Kings going all out. United Singhs maintained their lead with their star raiders Gagandeep Nagra and Baljeet Singh Toor Beetabeing very successful. Sandeep Singh Sandhu aggressively led the pack of stoppers and maintained a pisitive gap.

On the other side, Royal Kings’ raiders Balram, Gurlal and Narvinder snatched some valuable points through their successful raids to threaten the United Singhs. They came 51-54 score in the last few minutes but United Singhs kept their nerve and finished the match with a winning score of 55-53.

Sept 21st Matches – Punjab Thunder Vs. United Singhs – World Kabaddi League

Spectacular win for Punjab Thunder against United Singhs for 56-44 in Wave World Kabaddi League


– Man of the match: Talwinder Singh Tinda ( 19 raids)
– Best Raider: Talwinder Singh (19 raids)
– Best Stopper: Yadwinder Singh Yada ( 7 stops)

Jalandhar, September 21: Punjab Thunder overcame a sluggish start and rallied from a first quarter deficit to slowly turn around their match against United Singhs to register a 56-44 win in the second match of Sunday at the Wave World Kabaddi League.
Star raider Talwinder Singh Tinda and stoppers Yadwinder Singh and Rana Alishan were instrumental in the amazing win of Punjab Thunder at the score of 56-44. With the six match this weekend, action in Jalandhar came to an end and the scene from the Sports City this week shifts to city of Golden Temple, Amritsar next weekend.

At the top of the Wave WKL, Khalsa Warriors hold a commanding lead at 17 points from eight wins and one tie in nine matches while Lahore Lions are at 10 points from seven matches. Yo Yo Tigers and United Singh have eight points each, while America-based teams, California Eagles and Vancouver Lions have six each. Punjab Thunder with their third win on Sunday moved to six points, while Royal Kings USA are struggling at the bottom with two points.

In the 32nd match of the Wave WKL, it was United Singhs, who were off to a flying start with a distinct 15-10 advantage in first session. Sultan Singh from Punjab Thunder, Shafiq Butt and Gagan Nagra from United Singhs was one of the star raiders. The best defenders of this quarter were Sandeep Singh and Jagdish Singh of United Singhs along with Yadwinder Singh and Rana Alishan of Punjab Thunder.

In the second quarter the Captains of both teams led from the front. Yadwinderr Singh led by example and he was aided by Rana Alishan for Punjab Thunder, who were trailing for most of the session. Sandeep Singh of United Singhs stood out among stoppers while Sultan Singh of Punjab Thunders was the main raider. As the clock neared the end of the second session, the score moved towards parity and finally saw it stop at 25-25 with two more sessions to go.

Punjab Thunder made their move in the third quarter with their raiders playing a key role. Shafiq Butt of United Singhs made many successful raids but he also got himself hurt. However, it was the Punjab Thunder raider Talwinder, who gave his team the slight edge at the end of the third quarter to lead 39-36. In the final quarter Punjab Thunder stepped up a level and gave United Singhs no chance to bounce back as they ran away 56-44 winners.

Sept. 21st Matches – Khalsa Warriors Vs. Yo Yo Tigers – World Kabaddi League

Khalsa Warriors continue its winning spree against Yo Yo Tigers in Wave World Kabaddi League beating them with a score of 62-47


Jalandhar, September 21: Table toppers Khalsa Warriors turned in another powerful performance and outplayed Yo Yo Tigers 62-47 to extend their lead at the top with their eighth win in nine matches in the Wave World Kabaddi League.
Khalsa Warriors aided by their highly successful raiders and in-firm stoppers were dominant right through.

Khalsa Warriors’ captain of the Day, Satnam Sattu showcased a brilliant performance though Sandeep Singh emerged as a great raider for Yo Yo Tigers by converting 14 successful raids from 15 attempts. The Khalsa Warriors won the toss and selected to raid first and ran up a 16-12 lead in the session.

The second quarter started with a strong hint of aggression from the Yo Yo Tigers stoppers. Sohan Roorkee was in no mood to give in and twice asked for Third Umpire’s decision twice and won both. Khlasa Warriors raiders Gagandeep Singh Jogewal and Jasmanpreet Singh made 4 successful raids each.

Yo Yo Tigers displayed the never-say-die attitude and fought back Khalsa Warriors to equal the points, before the latter again forged ahead at 29- 25. Even midway through the third quarter the match was very tight. The initial moments witnessed some aggressive tackles by Yo-Yo Tigers who were successful in equalizing the score at 32 – 32. But by the time the third quarter ended, Khalsa were back in lead at 44-38.

Stoppers Sohan and Nirbhay Jogiwal of Yo Yo Tigers made some crucial errors and allowed Khalsa Warriors to run away in the final session. The final score read 62-47 as the final quarter was dominated by Khalsa, who now hold a seven point advantage over second place Lahore Lions. But Lahore has played two matches less. Yo Yo Tigers and United Singh, who lost to Khalsa on successive days have eight points each.

Lahore Lions Vs. Vancouver Lions – Sept. 20th – World Kabaddi League

Lahore Lions defeated Vancouver Lions by 55-54 in a nail biting match of World Kabaddi League.


– Man of the match: Shafiq Ahmad Chisti of Lahore Lions
– Best Raider: Shafiq Ahmad Chisti of Lahore Lions ( 24 raids)
– Best Stopper: Gagandeep Satti of Vancouver Lions (3 stops)
– Sonalika Power Raider of the day: Balwan Singh of Vancouver Lions

Jalandhar, September 20: The second match of day two started amidst good weather as it drizzled before the start of the match. The Lahore Lions were extra cautious about their performance in the match after their defeat in last night’s match. Vancouver Lions looked confident and geared up after their win in their last match. However after a tussle of 40 minutes Lahore Lions managed to defeat the Vancouver Lions by 54-55. Tomorrow Khiladi Kumar Khalsa Warriors will take on Rapper Honey Singh’s Yo Yo Tigers in the final day of the Jalandhar leg.

Team Lahore Lions were seen struggling in its last match due to weak defence, today started their match with two player’s new roles Shafiq Ahmad Chisti as captain and stopper Mhd Ramzan as raider respectively. Raider Gagandeep Sabrawa of Vancouver Lions started the game with his successful raid and a wonderful stop by Gagandeep Satti in the 2nd minute of quarter manifolded the confidence of the entire team. Very surprisingly star raider of Lahore Lions Akmal Dogar was seen struggling today to gain points for his team as he 3 missed opportunities and created little pressure for Lahore Lions and helped Vancouver Lions to build a strong lead. Vancouver Lions felt the absence of their strong stopper Jario Chavez but the by the end of quarter collective effort of the team created a good margin in scores. The quarter ended with the score of Vancouver Lions -17 and Lahore Lions 13.

The second quarter started with a successful raid by Rehman Isteyaq earning points for the Lahore Lions. However the Lions from Vancouver were no less in performance and their star raider Sucha Singh scored points for the team. The quarter saw neck to neck competition between both the teams for taking the lead position. Shafiq Ahmad Chisti and Rehman Isteyaq of Lahore Lions were the star raiders of their team with 3 successful raids each. While Sucha Singh and Balwan Singh were the star raiders of Vancouver Lions with 4 raids each. After a tussle of 10 minutes between both the teams the score at the end of the second quarter was Vancouver Lions-29 and Lahore Lions- 27.

The terrific and nail biting performance of Sucha Singh of Vancouver Lions could not fetch much success for his team, as the opponent played with complete astonishing performance. Raider Akmal Dogar of Lahore Lions who failed to earn any point in the preceding quarter came back in the game and grabbed many points for his team through 6 raids in the 3rd quarter. While Shafiq Ahmad Chisti of Lahore Lions and Gagandeep of Vancouver Lions also completed 6 successful raids each for their team. However this quarter concluded giving fresh hopes to Lahore Lions as they came back in the game by maintaining the lead. The quarter ended with Vancouver Lions – 40 and Lahore Lions – 42.

The fourth quarter of the match was an absolute nail biting one where both the teams were trying their level best to snatch the game from each other. Shafiq Ahmad Chisti was the star raider of the quarter who took the winning point for the Lahore Lions. However Vancouver Lions tried to win the game till the last minute of the match but Lahore Lions got benefitted by getting the last raid of the match and winning it by final score of 55-54.

Khalsa Warriors Vs. United Singhs – Sept. 20th – World Kabaddi League

Khalsa Warriors beat United Singhs to keep unbeaten streak in World Kabaddi League


– Man of the match: Manjot Singh Gill of Khalsa Warriors
– Best Raider: Manjot Singh Gill of Khalsa Warriors (17 raids)
– Best Stopper: Gurpreet Singh of Khalsa Warriors (5 stops)
– Khalsa Warriors pull away in second half
– Khalsa Warriors extend lead to seven points over nearest rivals

Jalandhar, September 20: Khalsa Warriors, so far the most dominant team of the Wave World Kabaddi League put even more distance between themselves and the rest with a 57-50 win over United Singhs in the first match on Saturday. The only unbeaten side of the Wave WKL, which has been on a rampage, won their seventh match in eight games, with one tie also against their name.

Khalsa Warriors now have 15 points from eight matches while United Kings stayed at eight after seven matches alongside Lahore Lions (in six matches) and Yo Yo Tigers (in seven matches).

With most teams having faced each other at least once they seemed to have got a better understanding of the opposition’s strengths and weaknesses. As a result, the early part of the matches tend to be very tight as it was between Khalsa and United, when they were tied 13-13 after the first quarter and it became 27-26 for Khalsa at the midway stage.

As the match entered the second half, Khalsa stepped up a gear to affect some good raids and stops to grab a five-point lead in the third session alone and it gave them an overall six-point advantage at 43-37 to give them a decent base to launch an offensive in the last session.

The first quarter witnessed a neck-and- neck tussle with Shafiq Muhammad Butt of United Singhs opening the quarter with a successful raid because and then a double touch foul by Khalsa Warriors in the next minute added to the confidence of United Singh.

Then Khalsa found their feet as strong raids by Gagandeep Singh Jogewal and Jasmanpreet Raju of Khalsa Warrior brought them back quickly into the game. United Singhs Captain Sandeep Singh Sandhu easily outplayed the opposing captain Gurmeet Singh in fourth minute, but this see-saw battle continued as the first quarter ended 13-all.

The second quarter of the match started with an excellent stop by Gurpreet Singh also called Gopi who stopped Shafiq Muhammad Butt. The United Singhs Sandeep Singh made two successful raids in a short period before Khalsa stoppers Gopi and Satnam Singh Sattu came into their form to give their side a slight edge 27-26.

Khalsa Warriors, who have been very tenacious in the Wave WKL, seemed determined to move ahead in the third quarter as the game became more tensed. Khalsa Warriors’ success in raids by their stars Gagandeep and Manjot Singh Gill took their team into a strong position. Shafiq Muhammad Butt who had been stopped a bit by Khalsa was once again his aggressive self as he won some points. But by the end of this quarter Khalsa Warrior built a slight advantage at 39-35.

In the final session that edge stayed with Khalsa who closed the match at 57-50. Manjot Singh Gill and Jasmanpreet Singh were once again their star raiders. The seven-point gap might seem big but at no stage were United Singhs outplayed in the match.

Jairo Chavez wins Best Stopper for Vancouver Lions at World Kabaddi League

Jairo Chavez showed why he is a world class stopper in Kabaddi by winning best stopper at World Kabaddi League, in the very first match he played for Vancouver Lions. Now that A Class Kabaddi players are starting to play in WKL, the team standings will change very quickly. Vancouver Lions have won 3 matches in a row and with Bana Dhaliwal, Kuljeeta Malysian, Chavez Brothers, and Bittu Dugal in their corner, they will be a team to reckon with.

Jairo Chavez - Vancouver Lions World Kabaddi League

California Eagles Vs. Lahore Lions – Sept. 19th – World Kabaddi League

California Eagles climb up the point table by defeating Lahore Lions by 57-47 in World Kabaddi League


– Man of the match: Jagmohan Makhi of California Eagles
– Best Raider: Jagmohan Makhi of California Eagles ( raids)
– Best Stopper: Angrez Singh Punia of California Eagles (2 stops)
– Sonalika Power Raider of the day: Parneek Singh of California Eagles with 16 raids

Jalandhar, September 19: In full house stadium, the second match of the Jalandhar leg saw an exciting and thrilling finish where California Eagles defeated Lahore Lions in a close match by 57-47 in the 28th match of the Wave World Kabaddi League 2014 and moved up the points table to the 5th position. Tomorrow the table toppers Khalsa Warriors will take on United Singhs on the second day of the Jalandhar leg.

The opening phase of the first quarter started with jubilation as it witnessed a bone of contention between the two teams. The entire quarter was dominated by the raiders breaching the line of defence of their opponent. While the defence of both the teams struggled to keep the raiders and contained them, the only successful stop was exhibited by Balkara Singh of California Eagles by pushing Akmal Shahzad Dogar of the line to score a point for California Eagle. A quarter which was packed with high action drama where the teams fought tooth on teeth was equally poised. Jagmohan Singh Makkhi of California Eagles and Shafiq Ahmad Christi of Lahore Lions were among the star raiders. California Eagles maintained 100 % raider strike rate as compared to 97% of the Lahore Lions. The match ended in 14 -13 with points tally with California Eagles leading by 1 point.

The team from across the border started game with full josh and energy, but by the half time of the match Lahore Lions were seen under little pressure. Few strong efforts of stopper Mohsin Naseem Wahla of Lahore Lions tried to bring back his team in safe positing by stopping star raider Baldev of California Eagles, however the overall weak defence of the team pull back Lahore Lions in tough phase. Not only the star raiders of California Eagles like Parneek Singh presented a wonderful show of Kabaddi, their stoppers Mikhail Jammal Abdul Latif & Virender also gained huge points for their team by slamming down strong raider of Lahore Lions Shafiq Ahmad Chisti. The entire quarter witnessed several efforts by the players of both the team to earn points using technical moves. The final score at the end of 2nd quarter was California Eagles – 28 and Lahore Lions-24.

The third quarter of the match saw massive tussle between both the teams with Lahore Lions trying hard to minimise the score difference. Akmal Shahzad Dogar made successful raid and scored point for the Lions. In one of the raids Balkara Singh tried hard to stop Shafiq Ahmad Chisti of Lahore Lions but he was unsuccessful. In another raid Meek Seattle made good attempt to stop Shafiq Ahmad Chisti but he was successful again. Akmal Shahzad Dogar made few successful raids and scored points for the team. However at the end of the third quarter California Eagles were leading with a point difference of 6 points and score of 36-42.

Attacking raids, fantastic performance & strong coordination between the players made California Eagle to thrash opponents with a sufficient margin. Playing with 100% success raids record in Wave World Kabaddi League, star raider of California Eagles Jagmohan akka Makhan Makhi showcased a marvellous game taking his team in a strong position. While on the other end, Lahore Lions were seen struggling to maintain a rhythm among them but limited time duration took away the match from their hands and match ended with final scores California Eagles – 57 and Lahore Lions 47.