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Oct. 2nd – Khalsa Warriors Vs. Yo Yo Tigers – World Kabaddi League Match

Khalsa Warriors continues winning spree, beat YoYo Tigers 65-63 in Wave World Kabaddi League

Khalsa Warriors Vs. Yo Yo Tigers

– Man of the Match & Best raider: Gursewak Singh, Yo Yo Tigers (19 raids)
– Best Stopper: Satnam Singh Sattu, Khalsa Warriors (6 stops)
– Jasmanpreet Singh of Khalsa Warriors bags Sonalika Raid of the Day award

Mohali, October 2: Khalsa Warriors unbeaten run continued as they edged out Yo Yo Tigers 65-63 in a cliff-hanger in the second match of the first day of action in Mohali in the inaugural Wave World Kabaddi. It was the 10 wins in 11 matches for Khalsa Warriors, who have also been held to a tie in one match. That brought their points tally to 21 points while their nearest rivals Punjab Thunder have 11 points and Lahore Lions have 10.

Yo Yo Tigers won the toss and selected to raid in the first quarter. The defenders on both sides managed four successful stops each. Yugraj Singh Jagga of Khalsa Warrior was the star raider of the quarter, which ended with Yo Yo Tigers holding a one point lead at 15-14.

The second quarter saw Khalsa Warrior reverse the trend as Satnam Singh Sattu, Karamjeet Lasara and Bhupinder Bhinda of Khalsa Warriors managed good stops. For Yo Yo Tigers Eakam Hathur and Nirvail Singh were the successful defenders. Manjot Singh of Khalsa Warriors and Gursewak Singh of Yo Yo Tigers carried out successful raids for their teams Khalsa Warriors moved 33-30 ahead.

Into the third quarter, Khalsa Warriors once again found themselves at the recieving end, as Tigers once again turned the tables on them. Nirvail Singh and Eakam Hathur did the bulk of the work for Tigers in defense, while Gursewak Singh excelled in raids as Yo Yo Tigers moved 49-47 ahead.

The final quarter saw lead change hands frequently but in the end Khalsa sneaked ahead with Satnam Sattu and Karamjeet Lasara playing a key role as Khalsa Warriors won 65 – 63.

Oct. 2nd – Punjab Thunder Vs. United Singhs – World Kabaddi League Match

Punjab Thunder outplay United Singhs team and beat them with a score of 71-51 on Oct. 2nd at World Kabaddi League

United Singhs Vs. Punjab Thunder

– Man of the Match & Best raider: Sultan Singh (24 raids)
– Best Stopper: Yadwinder Singh( stops)
– Yadwinder shares his award with co-stopper Lakha Cheema by sharing his award of Best Stopper

Mohali, October 2: Punjab Thunder turned in a sterling performance dominating from start to finish to outplay United Singhs 71-51 and move into the second position on the points table at the Wave World Kabaddi League on Thursday. As the first four-day kabaddi fiesta got underway in Mohali, Punjab Thunder showed that their recent resurgence has not been a flash in the pan.
It was Punjab Thunder’s fifth win in 11 matches and put alongside the tie they had with leaders Khalsa Warriors in Ludhiana, they now have 11 points, moving ahead of Lahore Lions and United Singhs, who have 10 each.

Punjab Thunder was on an overdrive from the start as they routed their opponents in a one-sided clash. They led from the very first quarter and did not ease the pressure till the end.
For Punjab Thunder their stoppers and raiders showed excellent form as they outplayed United Singhs. Punjab Thunder’s Sultan Singh and Talwinder Singh Tinda made United Singhs’ defence work hard with their successful raids. The captain of Punjab Thunder, Yadwinder was outstanding in the defense as the team fired on all four cylinders.

SSP, Indermohan Singh Bhatti and acclaimed international cyclist was the Chief Guest for the day.
United Singhs won the toss and selected to go for raid but it was Punjab Thunder who found the momentum early as Rana Alishan stopped Ravi Kumar from United Singh with a fine tackle.
Sandeep Singh Sandhu, captain of United Singhs, did his best in defence for his team, but was unable to contain the rival raids. In contrast Skipper Yadvender and Rana Alishan were in fine form in defence and that gave Punjab Thunder a big advantage.
By the end of the first quarter Punjab Thunder was 18-11 up.
Into the second quarter Punjab Thunder were again far superior. However, United’s Sandeep Singh Sandhu, the top stopper of Wave WKL managed to grab two points for his team as they attempted to narrow the gap. But Yadvender and Lakha Cheema gave Punjab Thunders a good lead by the end of the first half at 34-24.

Third quarter began with some aggressive raids by both the teams. Sultan Singh from Punjab Thunders and Gagandeep Singh Nagra of United Singhs were the most successful raiders in this quarter. Skipper Sandeep Singh Sandhu, Jagga Khera of United Singhs, Rana Alishan and Lakha Cheema of Punjab Thunders were the successful stoppers in this quarter on either side, but Punjab Thunder maintaind the edge they had built up and ended the penultimate quarter 49-39.
Into the final quarter, Punjab Thunder added more muscle as their star raiders Sultan Singh and Talwinder Singh were in full flow. Sultan led from the front with his 24 successful raids, while Yadvender and Lakha were sturdy in defence and United Singhs began drooping and fell behind further to lose 51-71.

Punjab Thunder Vs. Royal Kings USA – Sept. 28th – World Kabaddi League

Punjab Thunder beat Royal Kings USA and maintain their standings in the league table.

Punjab Thunder Vs. Royal Kings USA

Amritsar, September 28, 2014: It was once again a case of a fine comeback in the second half, as Punjab Thunder bounced back from their Saturday’s defeat to beat Royal Kings USA 59-54 in the second match of the Wave World Kabaddi League on Sunday in the triple header in Amritsar came to a thrilling end.

With both matches on Sunday being close and providing results with margins of five or lesser points, the Wave WKL is becoming an extremely close affair. For Punjab Thunder, it was their fourth win in nine matches and put alongside the tie they had with Khalsa Warriors in Ludhiana, they now have nine points and went up into the third position behind Khalsa Warriors (19 points from 10 matches) and Lahore Lions (10 points from seven matches). However, Royal Kings USA continued to stay at the bottom with two points from 10 matches.

Four teams, United Singhs, Yo Yo Tigers, California Eagles and Vancouver Lions have eight points each. While United Singhs have played eight matches, all others have played nine matches. Sultan Singh started the first raid for Punjab Thunder and successfully converted it to earn the first point for the team. Royal Kings USA played equally well and successfully converted their raids and went into a small lead after two minutes. Yadwinder Singh made the first stop for Royal Kings USA. Soon in the fourth min Yadwinder Singh again successfully stopped a raid by Sultan Singh of Punjab Thunder. But Punjab Thunder fought back and levelled the scores 10-10 in the seventh minute. But by the end of the session, Royal Kings USA again opened a slight lead to go 14-11 up.

In the second quarter, Royal Kings USA kept their lead with smart play, though there were times Punjab Thunder came close to equalising the score with their raiders Harbir Singh and Sultan Singh earning points in two successive raids and brought the score to 15-16. But Royal Kings were once again aggressive and earned five straight points. Narvinder, Bohar and Balram made successful raids where as Harwinder and Makhan snatched points by stopping their opponents. With this five-point gain and an excellent momentum Royal Kings closed the session still ahead at 27-24.

It was in the third session that Punjab Thunder came back strongly. By the 26th minute Punjab Thunder got back to 34 – 34. Sultan Singh and Baljeet Singh were the top raiders of Punjab Thunder with seven and five raids respectively, while Rana Alishan was star stopper for them. That turned the tide in Punjab Thunder’s favour to 42 – 39 by the end of the third quarter.

Riding high on the handy lead Punjab Thunder kept the stranglehold in the fourth quarter with the help of their star raiders Sultan Singh and Baljit Singh. Sultan Singh led from the front with his 22 successful raids. On the other hand, Rana Alishan held fort strongly as a stopper. Royal Kings tried hard but Punjab Thunder hung in to win 59-54.

Vancouver Lions Vs Khalsa Warriors – Sept. 28th – World Kabaddi League

Khalsa Warriors maintain their unbeaten record in World Kabaddi League by defeating Vancouver Lions with a sore of 62-58. Although the Warriors won the match, the Vancouver Lions made a game out of it. The match details and link to video is posted below

Vancouver Lions Vs. Khalsa Warriors

Amritsar, September 28: Khalsa Warriors continued their spectacular run with 10th win in 11 matches at the Wave World Kabaddi League as they beat a resurgent Vancouver Lions 62-58 in the first match on Sunday in Amritsar.
The undefeated Khalsa Warriors rallied from a first quarter deficit to showcase their amazing resilience and talent.

Gagandeep Singh Jogewal started the match with a successful raid, which indicated Khalsa Warriors were in high spirits and full of confidence. But Vancouver Lions was playing with a positive mindset after their win over Yo Yo Tigers in their last match, had a great start moving to an early lead. Satnam Singh of Vancouver earned first successful stop point for the team and levelled the score to 6-6 in the fourth minute of the game. Khalsa Warriors soon recovered and in the next minute stopper Gurpreet Singh Batth aka Gopi Manki again took the lead to 10-7. Vancouver Lions did not lose the hope and few great successful stops and raids made by Amritpal Singh Sheru, Balwan Singh and Jairo Chavez, a US National, helped Vancouver Lions to take a lead at 17-14.
In the second quarter, both teams were again at each other with great aggression. Khalsa raiders Manjot Singh and Yugraj Singh inspired their team by earning points and levelled the score 21-21 in the 13th minute of the game. But Vancouver Lions’ star raider Sucha Singh and Khlasa stopper Gurpreet clashed fiercely, but it was Gurpreet who managed to stop Sucha Singh earning a game-changing point.

From here on Khalsa Warriors didn’t look back and earned point in every raid. Khalsa Warriors raiders Gagandeep, Yugraj and Manjot had four successful raids each and helped their team to lead the quarter by 32-28. For Vancouver Lions, star raiders Balwan and Amritpal had five and four successful raids respectively, but the stop line failed to impress.

With successful come back and lead of four points Khalsa Warriors started the third quarter on an exciting note. Vancouver Lions tried hard to make a comeback but they couldn’t reduce the point gap. Khalsa Warriors further increased the lead to seven points. Manjot Singh, Yugraj Singh Jagga was the star raider with five raids each and Gurpreet Singh was the star stopper with 2
stops for Khalsa Warriors. Balwan Singh and Kuljeet Singh were star raiders with 5 successful raids each and Narinder Ram was the key stopper with 1 stop for Vancouver Lions. In the 29th min of the match Vancouver Lions made few good attempts and bounced back by successfully narrowing the gap to five points at 48-43.

In the intensely fought fourth quarter, Khalsa Warriors maintained the lead with the help of their raiders Yugraj and Manjot, who successfully earned points in each of their raids. Khalsa Warriors’ stopper Gurpreet stood like an big wall for opponents, earning five valuable points for his team. Yugraj and Manjot became instrumental in the victory of their team with the score 62-58.

Khalsa Warriors Vs. Yo Yo Tigers – Sept. 27th – World Kabaddi League

Khalsa Warriors continued their undefeated streak with a win over Honey Singh’s team Yo Yo Tigers at the Wave World Kabaddi League on Sept. 27th 2014.

Khalsa Warriors Vs. Yo Yo Tigers

– Man of the Match & Best raiders: Gagandeep & Manjot Singh, Khalsa Warriors (15 raids each)
– Best Stopper: Eakam Hathur, Yo Yo Tigers (6 stops)
– Makhan Makhi bags Sonalika Raid of the Day

Amritsar, September 27: Khalsa Warriors kept their unblemished record with a ninth win in 10 matches to move further ahead of the rest of the field in the Wave World Kabaddi league. They beat a fighting Yo Yo Tigers 61-57 and took their tally to 19 points with nine wins and one tie.

Yo Yo Tigers slipped down the leaderboard with the loss and now have eight points from four wins and six losses in 10 matches.
Trailing by two points at the end of the first sessions Khalsa Warriors rallied back strongly in the second to wipe out the deficit and go on to win the match itself.

Yo Yo Tigers, showcased great performance against Vancouver Lions on Friday began on a positive note and kept that up to lead 16-14. In the second quarter, Yo Yo Tigers increased the gap to five points at one stage before Khalsa Warriors slowly but steadily came back into the game. With the help of raiders Gagandeep Singh and Jasmanpreet Raju’s seven raids each, Khalsa Warriors finished the quarter with a lead of 31-28.

Yo Yo Tigers did not give in easily and reduced the gap to one point at one stage after 28minutes of the game. Gagandeep and Manjeet were the top raiders in this session for Khalsa Warriors with five raids each and Gurpreet Singh aka Gopi Manki was the star stopper with two successful stops. Yo Yo Tigers’ Angrej Singh and Harpreet earned five and four points respectively in raids and Eakam Hathur was top defender with two stops. Khalsa Warriors stayed ahead marginally at 44-43.

In the final quarter, Khalsa Warriors maintained a narrow lead and did not give it up. Manjot Singh led the raiders in this quarter and earned most of points. On the other side, Yo Yo Tigers fought well with their raiders Gursewak Singh and Harpreet Singh along with stopper Eakam Hathur trying hard but failed to make an impact. Ultimately Khalsa Warriors ran out victors by 61-57.

California Eagles Vs. Punjab Thunder – Sept. 27th Match – World Kabaddi League

California Eagles quickly becoming one of the betters teams in World Kabaddi League with the addition of Meek Seattlewala and Junni California now raiding for them. In toady’s match California Eagles beat Punjab Thunder with a whopping score of 67-45. California Eagles have already claimed that 4th spot in the overall standings. Match to be posted soon.

California Eagles Vs. United Singhs

Man of the match: Sultan Singh, Punjab Thunder (21 raids)
Best Raider: Sultan Singh, Punjab Thunder (21 raids)
Best Stopper: Meek Seattle, California Eagles (8 stops)
Amritsar, September 26: California Eagles upset Punjab Thunder 67-45 for a thumping win that also took them ahead of the latter in the points tally after the 35th match of the Wave World Kabaddi League on Saturday in Amritsar. This also signalled the return to form of the Eagles, who last week beat Lahore Lions in a stunning upset.

With this win California Eagles moved ahead of Punjab Thunder in the point tally. After the 35th match of Wave WKL California Eagles have joined Vancouver Lions and Yo Yo Tigers at eight points. After winning the toss Punjab Thunder choose to raid first against California Eagles. This was followed by display of plenty of grit in first quarter by both the teams.

In the first quarter both teams converted most of their raids successfully. The quarter also saw few brilliant stops. Mikhail Jamaal Abdul Latif aka Meek won the first stop point for California Eagles in an exciting tussle. In the very next raid Rana Alishan of Punjab Thunder stopped the raider of California Eagles to earn a point for the team. Maninder Singh, a US national who was playing for the first time for California Eagles earned a point for the team in the very first raid. Jagmohan, Sukhpal were the top raiders for California eagles with 3 raids each and Mikhail Jamaal was the top stopper for the team. Sultan Singh and Talwinder Singh were the top raiders for Punjab Thunder with 3 and 4 raids respectively and the scores were 13-13 at the end of the session.

The second quarter saw more action from the California Eagles as they aggressively collected points from both raids and stops. For Punjab Thunder, Sultan Singh gave a tough competition to his opponents with his nine successful raids. For Eagles, it was Sukhpal who made seven successful raids whereas his team-mates stoppers Jamaal Abdul and Angrez Singh made two successful stops each to take their team to lead the quarter by 32-24.

Trailing with 24-32 in the second quarter Punjab Thunder made full effort to comeback in the match. California Eagles on the other hand were in no mood to let go. They converted virtually every raid. Mikhail Jamaal was the star stopper for the California Eagles and did not let the raiders of the Punjab Thunder to earn any points when he grabbed them. California Eagles stop line was in excellent form. By the end of the third quarter California Eagles led 50-35. The match became completely one sided in the fourth quarter. California Eagles had big lead against Punjab Thunder with successful raids of Maninder Singh and Baldev Singh. Both the raiders scored points in their most of their attempts and it became 67-45 by the finish.
The hero of the match was star stopper Meek Abdul Latif who thwarted most of the opponents’ attempts and became instrumental in his team’s win.

For Punjab Thunder, Sultan Singh was the lone man standing with 21 successful raids but failed to close the margin in the scorecard and eventually lost the match by 45-67.

Vancouver Lions Vs. Yo Yo Tigers – Sept. 26th Match – World Kabaddi League

Vancouver Lions scores an exciting win over Yo Yo Tigers at 59-54 in Wave World Kabaddi League and take the 4th position in the overall League Standings. Link for the full match is posted below.

Vancouver Lions Vs. Yo Yo Tigers

– Man of the match: Sucha Singh (17raids)
– Best Raider: Sucha Singh (17raids)
– Best Stopper: Manpreet Mani (4 stops)

Amritsar, September 26: Amritsar was treated to extremely close and thrilling matches in Wave World Kabaddi League as Vancouver Lions upset the more fancied Yo Yo Tigers 59-54 late in the evening. Earlier in the day United Singhs edged out Royal Kings USA 55-53 in another thriller which was tight till the very end.

In the Vancouver Lions – Yo Yo Tigers match, the lead swung between the two teams any number of times keeping the spectators enthralled. The first sessions saw Yo Yo Tigers take a 15-14 lead, which was however reversed into a 30-26 lead for Vancouver Lions by the midpoint of the match.

Into the third session, Vancouver stayed ahead 44-41 as the match continued to be very keenly contested with very little separating the two teams.

The match was again very fiercely fought in the last quarter. Vancouver moved to 54-46 at one stage, but Yo Yo Tigers tried to fight back gamely. They did their best with both raiders and stoppers chipping in, but the Vancouver Lions having smelt victory jung onto he lead and won 59-54.

The raiders dominated the match as Vacouver converted 49 of their 56 raids for 87.50 per cent success rate, while Yo Yo Tigers converted 47 of their 57 raids for 82.46% success. As for the stoppers, Vancouver had 10 sccessful stops to Yo Yo Tigers’ seven and that made the difference between the two teams. The big stars for Vancouver Lions were raiders Sucha Singh, Balvan Singh, Nishan Singh and Kuljit Singh, while their leading stoppers were Manpreet Singh Mani and Gagandeep Satti.

For Yo Yo Tigers Angrej Singh and Sandeep Kumar were the big stars as raiders.This was four win for Vancouver Lions, who now join Yo Yo Tigers at eight points. Both teams have played nine matches each. In the league standing Khalsa Warriors are clearly ahead with 17 points from nine matches, while Lahore Lions have 10 points, but from only seven matches. United Singhs, who won the first match on Friday, have 10 points. Vancouver Lions and Yo Yo Tigers have eight points each.

Earlier in the first match United Singhs scored a narrow over Royal Kings USA after trailing for the first half of the match in the 33rd match of the Wave World Kabaddi league on Friday at the start of the triple header in Amritsar. As has often in many of the close matches earlier in the season, some teams have been slow to start but then pick up quickly once they find their rhythm. United Singhs were in just that kind of a mood this evening.

Trailing 13-15 in first quarter, United were still behind at 26-27 at midway point of the match. The third quarter proved crucial as they turned the match around to go 42-37 ahead and then held on to the lead by a narrow two-point margin for a 55-53 verdict. United Singhs now have 10 points from five wins and four losses in nine games, while Royal Kings are at the bottom with two points from nine matches.