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Oct. 31st. Khalsa Warrios Vs. California Eagles – World Kabaddi League 2014

Khalsa Warriors outplay California Eagles at 74-57 in Wave World Kabaddi League. Watch the full match playing at link posted below.

Khalsa Warrios Vs. California Eagles

– Man of the Match & Best Raider: Manjot Singh Gill (20 raids, Khalsa Warriors)
– Best Stopper: Gurpreet Singh (4 stops, Khalsa Warriors)
– Harjeet Singh of California Eagles won Sonalika Power Raid of the Day Award
– Khalsa warriors Manjot Singh Gill received fifth consecutive Man of the Match Award

Bhopal, October 31: Khalsa Warriors put more distance between themselves and the rest of the field, as they convincingly beat California Eagle 74-57 in the second match of the Wave World Kabaddi League on Friday.

Khalsa Warriors stayed in the front as they took their points tally to 27 points in 16 matches while California Eagles are at 18 in 16 matches. United Singhs, who lost the first match of the day to Vancouver Lions, are at 16 points.

For California Eagles their Raiders Parneek Singh, Jagmohan Makkhi and stopper Balkar Singh did make efforts but Khalsa Warriors were way superior and dominated the match from start to finish. Khalsa Warriors were well served by both Raiders and the Stoppers.

In the first quarter Khalsa Warrior’s raiders, Gagandeep Jogewal and Jasmanpreet Raju earned valuable points for their team with four and three raids respectively. Stopper Gurpreet Singh Batth’s aggressive stance helped win two points with good stops. For California Eagles raiders, Baldev Singh Babu and Harjeet Singh gave tough fight with four and three successful raids respectively. Khalsa Warriors led the session 18-15.

In the second quarter California Eagles defence failed to earn any points California Eagle, even as Khalsa Warriors raiders Gagandeep Singh Jogewal (5), Jasmanpreet Raju (6) and Manjot Singh Gill(6) toyed with the Eagles stop line. For California Eagles Raiders Parneek Singh(5) and Jagmohan Makkhi (4) made powerful raids. Khalsa Warriors led by nine points 38-29. The match became increasingly one-sided as Khalsa Warriors moved to 57-42 and finally 74-57 at the end of the match.

Oct. 31st – United Singhs Vs. Vancouver Lions – World Kabaddi League 2014

Vancouver Lions hold on to beat United Singhs 63-59 in Wave World Kabaddi League Matches held on Oct. 31st 2014. Watch the full match with the link posted below.

United Singhs Vs. Vancouver Lions

– Man of the Match & Best Raider: Lovepreet Singh Sangha & Navpreet Kumar (21 raids)
– Best Stopper: Amanvir Singh (8 stops, Vancouver Lions)

Bhopal, October 31: United Singhs suffered a big setback after being stunned by Vancouver Lions as the Wave World Kabaddi League made its first appearance in Bhopal on Friday. Vancouver Lions, who have had a modest start in Wave WKL, beat United Singhs at 63-59.

Vancouver Lions led by just a point after the first session but they seemed to have sewn up the match by the end of the third quarter. A late surge from United Singhs almost derailed the Vancouver victory march, but they held on to win by four points at 63-59. Vancouver Lions joined Lahore Lions at 12 points, while United Singhs have 16 from 15 matches.

United Singhs won the toss and chose to raid first and Gagan Nagra gave them a good start. The first session witnessed few interesting moves by the Navpreet of United Singh with four raids, while for Vancouver Lions Amanvir was noticeable with 4 stops.

United Singh’s captain Sandeep Singh Sandhu who was wonderful in his previous match due to his powerful stops was seen struggling to earn points for his team. Vancouver Lions led 16 -15 at the end of the first session.

In the second quarter Vancouver Lions put in a hard performance, as stopper Amanvir Singh (3) was in great form. United Singh’s raiders Gagandeep Nagra (3) and Navpreet Kumar (4) tried hard to narrow the gap. But with a weak defense United Singh could not make headway. Vancouver Lions raider Gagandeep Sabrawa (6) showed great form with six successful wonderful raids and his team led 28-33.

The third quarter proved most important as it turned match in favour of Vancouver Lions. The session saw terrific performance by Vancouver Lions’ stopper, Amarvir Singh besides the collective efforts of United Singh raiders Lovepreet and Navpreet who made four and five successful raids.

The aggressive raid line of Vancouver Lions proved profitable for team with five and four raids of Sukhbir Singh Sarbrawa and Gagandeep Sarbrawa respectively. The quarter ended 51-41 in favour of Vancouver Lions.

The final quarter witnessed strong performance by both teams. United Singhs gave their best showing of the day as Sandeep Singh (4) earned excellent stop points for his team. But Vancouver Lions Raiders Sukhbir Singh (5) and Gagandeep Sabrawa (4) held on for their team to win 59-63.

Drug Test Results – World Kabaddi League – Banned Players

Wave WKL to impose restrictions on Kabaddi players found guilty of doping violations by failing their drug tests.


The Wave World Kabaddi League (Wave WKL), today announced the list of 23 players who were asserted to have committed anti-doping rule violations, either before the draft or during and out of competition tests in the WKL. Eleven players have been found to have violated the anti-doping regulations in the time since the start of the inaugural Wave WKL, according to the organisers.

A further 12 players were declared for adverse analytical findings by the WADA accredited laboratory, in the doping control out-of-competition tests at Ludhiana prior to the selection of the teams. The names of all 23 players will be publicly published shortly. The Wave WKL has in a historic move created history in sports by establishing a record of introducing stringent anti doping measures. It has conducted 464 doping control tests till the last set of matches held in Jalandhar.

Mr. Raman Raheja, Chief Executive Officer, World Kabaddi League said, “We had implemented doping control tests out-of-competition (OOC) as well as in-competitions (IC)”.In a stringent drive WKL conducted 191 doping control out-of-competition tests at Ludhiana prior to the selection of teams for the league. Out of them samples of 12 players were declared for adverse analytical findings by the WADA accredited laboratory. Their names will be publically published on the official website of WKL.

The Wave WKL commenced in-competition doping control tests from the inaugural league matches held in the United Kingdom (UK) from August 9, 2014. Thereafter WKL also implemented random out-of-competition tests to create a sense of responsibility and awareness among sportspersons that they could be tested anytime and anywhere.

The players who were asserted to have committed anti-doping rule violations during the league period in OOC tests were

Names Location Test Date AFF Reported
Jaskaran Singh Jalandhar 14th June 2014 Stanozolol
Gagandeep Singh Barnala 14th June 2014 Norandrosterone, Noretiocholanolone
Yaseen Malik Sangrur 14th June 2014 Norandrosterone, Noretiocholanolone
Gurpreet Singh Amritsar 14th June 2014 Metandienone
Amritpal Singh Sangrur 14th June 2014 Norandrosterone, Noretiocholanolone
Chamkaur Singh Mansa 14th June 2014 Stanozolol
Surender Rohtak 15th June 2014 Norandrosterone, Noretiocholanolone
Neetu Singh Jind 15th June 2014 Norandrosterone, Noretiocholanolone
Kuldeep Singh Moga 15th June 2014 Norandrosterone, Noretiocholanolone
Baljinder Singh Jalandhar 15th June 2014 Norandrosterone, Noretiocholanolone
Sewa Ludhiana 15th June 2014 Norandrosterone, Noretiocholanolone
Amarjit Singh Sandhu Moga 15th June 2014 Norandrosterone, Noretiocholanolone
Jugraj Singh Gurdaspur 5th August 2014 Stanozolol
Kuldeep Singh Kapurthala 21st August 2014 Trenbolone, Norandrosterone
Gurpreet Singh Barnala 3rd Sept. 2014 Norandrosterone
Navneet Singh Jalandhar 9th Sept. 2014 Boldenone,Stanozolol
Eakam Singh Ludhiana 20th Sept. 2014 Norandrosterone
Randeep Kumar Mohali 23rd August 2014 Stanozolol
Amandeep Singh Gill Moga 9th August 2014 Stanozolol, Boldenone

The names of three other players, one from Out-of-Competition tests two from In-competition tests have not been declared intentionally as their cases are under notice period, but these names will also be announced after due process is completed.

The WKL CEO said that all results were managed in compliance with International Standards, respective players were given the opportunity to appear before the Anti-Doping Disciplinary Board, but many of the players waived off their right by not appearing before the board within the stipulated time period of 15 days.

The Wave WKL in accordance with WKL Anti-Doping Standard and WADA Code will impose necessary sanctions on these athletes. Mr. Raheja said that Wave WKL was in constant contact with WADA authorities and the details of athletes and respective adverse analytical findings have been shared with WADA Headquarters in Montreal, Canada.

Commenting on the findings and the announcement, Mr. Pargat Singh, Commissioner, World Kabaddi League stated, “Wave World Kabaddi league follows the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) objective ‘Play True’ and the doping control program developed for the World Kabaddi League (WKL) was athlete focused with the objective of providing confidence to athletes that they are competing on a ‘level playing field’ and to act as a deterrent to athletes and their support staff from competing unfairly and putting the athletes welfare at risk. Its secondary function was to test athletes to ensure that they are not competing whilst under the influence of performance enhancing substances or methods; and finally the program aimed to provide information relating to the doping control rules and procedures; and on the consequences of doping in Kabaddi.”

Oct. 19th Royal Kings USA Vs. Khalsa Warriors – World Kabaddi League 2014

Royal Kings USA shock Khalsa Warriors 59-47 in Wave World Kabaddi League and handing them their second loss.

Khalsa Warriors Vs. Royal Kings USA

– Man of the Match & Best Raider: Manjot Singh (18 raids, Khalsa Warriors)
– Best Stopper: Harvinder Rabon (5 stops, Royal Kings USA)
– Sonalika Power Raid of the Day: Gurpreet Singh, Punjab Thunder
– Bottom placed Royal Kings stun topper Khalsa Warriors

Jalandhar, October 19: In a battle between teams placed at the top and bottom of the League standings, leaders, Khalsa Warriors were stunned by Royal Kings USA 59-47 in the Wave World Kabaddi League on Sunday. It was only the second defeat for Khalsa Warriors.

In the earlier two matches, California Eagles shocked United Singhs 66-57 and then Punjab Thunder scored a surprise win over Lahore Lions 64-52 as all three matches on Sunday produced upsets.

So, at the end of the week’s action in Jalandhar, Khalsa Warriors are still ahead despite the defeat and have 25 points from 15 matches, but their lead is now only seven points as California Eagles with two wins this weekend have come up to 18 points. Royal Kings USA is still at bottom with seven points in 15 matches.

Royal Kings USA won the toss and started the first quarter in a positive manner taking a hand 16-11 lead. The Stoppers from Royal Kings USA turned in a wonderful performance as Harwinder Singh (2) earned valuable stop points for the team. For Khalsa Warriors stopper Satnam Sattu (1) struck once. But with raiders from Royal Kings USA being very successful their team was well ahead.

Into the second session Khalsa Warriors’ Manjot Gill had three successful raids and Satnam Sattu had one successful stop. But Royal Kings’ Raiders had their way and kept winning Raiding points and increased their lead to 32-23.

Royal Kings USA’s stop line Yadwinder Singh (1) and Harwinder Singh (1) kept up a solid defence while Khalsa Warriors Stoppers did not manage any Stop points.The raiders of Royal Kings USA came up with wonderful raids and increased the lead to 13 points at 47-33. The final quarter saw Royal Kings USA cementing their position as they went on to win 59-47.

Oct. 19th – Lahore Lions Vs. Punjab Thunder – Wave World Kabaddi League

Punjab Thunder defeat Lahore Lions at Wave World Kabaddi League with a score of 64-52. on Oct. 19th 2014

Lahore Lions Vs. Punjab Thunder

Jalandhar, October 19: Punjab Thunder handed Lahore Lions their second defeat in as many days in the Wave World Kabaddi League on Sunday with a 64-52 decision. It has meant Punjab Thunder had avenged their loss to Lahore Lions in August in New Delhi. The win brought Punjab Thunder into sole fourth place with 15 points from 14 matches, while Lahore Lions fell to fifth place with 12 points from 12 matches, which includes six wins and six losses. Punjab Thunder’s stopper, Lakhbeer Cheema and Lahore Lions raider Shafiq Ahmad Chisti were the stars of the match.

Lahore Lions won the toss and started the initial quarter on an exciting note with one successful raid followed by a stop point from Naeem. But soon after that Punjab Thunder fought back as stopper Lakhveer Singh (3), Sukhmanjeet (1) and Yadwinder Singh (1) tightened their defence and won points with their Stops.

On the other hand Lahore Lions raiders Akmal Dogar (4) and Shafiq Ahmad (3) tried hard to chase but still gave away six point lead as Thunder led 17-11. In the second quarter, Punjab Thunder’s Satwinder Singh Gill (2) and Lakwinder Singh (1) were solid in defence. Lahore Lions were unable to get going as Punjab Thunder moved to 33-25.

In the third quarter Lahore Lions stalwarts, Sahfiq Ahmad Chisti (7) and Akmal Dogar (4) made swift and winning raids in the quarter, but Punjab Thunder raiders Talwinder Tinda (5) and Gurpreet (3) also stood out. Thunder increased their lead to 49-38. In the final session, Punjab Thunder did not let up and finished the match 64-52.

Oct. 19th – California Eagles Vs. United Singhs – Wave World Kabaddi League

California Eagles beats United Singhs 66-57 in Wave World Kabaddi League in the first match on Oct. 19th 2014

California Eagles Vs. United Singhs

– Man of the Match & Best Raider: Jagmohan Makhi & Baldev Singh (19 raids, California Eagles)
– Best Stopper: Meek Seattle (14 stops, California Eagles)
– California Eagles avenge loss to United Singhs to move into sole second place

Jalandhar, October 19: California Eagles continued their resurgence with a second win in as many days as they scored an emphatic 66-57 win over United Singh in the first match on Sunday in the Wave World Kabaddi League. The win also avenged the defeat Eagles suffered at the hands of United Singhs in in Bathinda last week. In fact Eagles have now won seven of their last matches in the last five weeks, indicating that they are ready to challenge the leaders, Khalsa Warriors.

Eagles now have 18 points in 15 matches, while Khalsa have 25 in 14 matches. United are in third place with 16 points in 14 matches. California Eagles moved into top gear from the start at 18-13 as Jagmohan Makhi and Baldev Brar were the more successful raiders and Mikhail Jamaal (Meek Seattle) was in brilliant form in the defence as a Stopper. United Singhs’ Lovepreet Singh and Gagandeep Nagra were the star raiders for United Singhs.

In the second quarter Gagandeep Nagra (4) and Navpreet Nina (4) of United Singhs were impactful as raiders and kept them in the battle. For California Eagles stoppers Baldev (4) and Parneet (3) did well as the California Eagles kept their five-point advantage at 33-28.

In the third session, Jagmohan Makhi and Baldev Singh earned five points each through very good raids for California Eagles, while Meek Seattle continued to be pillar of strength as the main stopper as California stayed ahead at 49-43.

In the final quarter Meek Seattle (2) thwarted his opponents’ well despite United Singhs’ aggressive play was blunted by California Eagles, who kept up the pressure to run out 66-57 winners.

Oct. 18th – California Eagles Vs. Yo Yo Tigers – World Kabaddi League – Day 28

California Eagles beat Yo Yo Tigers easily with a score of 68-48 at Wave World Kabaddi Cup on Day 28 on Oct. 18th 2014. Link to the full match posted below

California Eagles Vs. Yo Yo Tigers

– Man of the Match & Best Raider: Jagmohan Makhi (17 raids, California Eagles)
– Best Stopper: Mikhai Jamaal ( 7 stops, California Eagles)

Jalandhar, October 18: California Eagles outplayed Yo Yo Tigers 68-48 to move into sole second position in the Wave World Kabaddi League on Saturday. After taking a slender lead in the first quarter, California Eagles, who had a slow start in the Wave WKL before picking up momentum and went all out in the last two quarters.

California Eagles now have 16 points and are in second place, nine points behind Khalsa Warriors (25 points). Yo Yo Tigers with nine points from 13 matches are second from the bottom.

Yo Yo Tigers won the toss and opened the match and their skipper Manminder Singh Saran made the first successful raid. With Stopper Sohan Roorkee also stopping star raider Jagmohan Makhi of Eagles in the initial minutes of the match, they moved ahead. Manminder and Gursewak Singh were impactful with four successful raids each in the quarter. But California Eagles Raiders Parneet Singh (4) and Harjeet (3) fought back with aggressive raids as the quarter ended in favour of California Eagles at 16-15.

Into the second session, California Eagles moved into winning mode as they stepped up their performance. Stoppers Mikhail Jamaal, Kamaldeep Singh, Sukhdeep Singh, and Balkar Singh earned points with great stops while Yo Yo Tigers had only Sohan Roorkee to look upto in defence. On the side of the raiders for Yo Yo Tigers Sandeep Kumar (3) and Manminder Singh (3) were successful, while California Eagles were well served by Jagmohan Makhi (5) and Parneet Singh (3) as Eagles forged ahead 34-26.

The third session saw Eagles move into a different gear as Jagmohan Makhi and Baldev Singh Babu gave them a push with five and three raids respectively and moved to 49 – 40.

The fourth quarter was again as session that belonged to California Eagles as their Stoppers Mikhail Jamaal (4), Angrej Singh(2) and Kamandeep Singh earned points for their team. On the other hand stopper Nirvail Singh (2) was the best for Yo Yo Tigers.
California Eagles romped home winners by a big margin of 20 points to win 68-48.