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Sata Mothada – Team England President – World Kabaddi Cup 2012

Sata Mothada and other Team England members talks about their performance after the first match at World Kabaddi Cup 2012. There are lots of uk born players in Team England this year. England beat Denmark 43-20.

Hardeep Tauo – Team Canada Captian at Mothada Kalan Stadium

Hardeep Tauo in India representing Team Canada talks about Mothada Kalan Stadium. Hardeep has been playing for Azaad Kabaddi Club for the past 7 years, in Canada and India

Kuljeeta Malsian – Team Canada Member at Kabaddi World Cup 2012

Kuljeeta Malsian talks about kabaddi 2012 season and his selection for World Kabaddi Cup 2012 representing Team Canada.

Gurlal and Sonu Jump – Indian Kabaddi Team Members

Gurlal and Sonu Jump, Indian Kabaddi team members at the opening ceremony. Gurlal and Sonu talk about how they were selected for the Indian team and what they except to do in this Kabaddi World Cup

Asia Kabaddi Cup 2012 – Live from Lahore Pakistan – Nov.1st to Nov. 5th

Asia Kabaddi Cup 2012 will be played from Nov. 1st to Nov. 5th in Lahore Pakistan. In total 7 teams will be participating.
Click here for schedule of Asia Kabaddi Cup 2012

Pool A Pool B
India Pakistan
Afghanistan Iran
Sri Lanka Nepal

July 14th – Edmonton Kabaddi Cup 2012 Results

Young Kabaddi Club beats combine team of Azaad and Abbotsford Sports Club by 17.5 points.

Best Raider: Junni California (19 of 19)
Best Stopper: Mangi Baggapind (11.5 of 20)

Both Mangi and Junni where horned with a gold chain.

Breaking News! Young and Azaad & Abbotsford Teams denied to play by Alberta Federation

BREAKING NEWS!! – Young Kabaddi Club and combine team of Azaad & Abbotsford are denied to play in Calgary by Alberta Kabaddi Federation. Mangi, Bittu, Meek, Tauo, Khusi are standing on the sideline because they have too many star players! Instead these are the players playing while all the superstars are standing on the sideline!
Comment and let the Calgary federation what you think.