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Keepa Surkhpur – Team Canada Stopper World Cup 2012

Keepa Surkhpur, team Canada stopper at 2012 World Cup talks about the camp in India and younger players joining the team this year.

Terry Purewal – Team Canada Raider 2012 WC

Terry Pureawal, another Canadian born raider represeting Team Canada at the World Cup

Daljinder Aujla – Young Canadian born team Canada Stopper

Team Canada Stopper Daljinder is walking in the footsteps of his father Deepa (Mothada) Aujla. Dal has won back-to-back best stopper at Canada World Cup Under 21 team. He is one of the best young Canadian born talent Under 21

Team Canada Stopper Aman Khundi talks about Camp in India

Aman Khundi, Canadian Kabaddi team stopper talks about their camp India and what Team Canada excepts to accomplish at the World Cup.

Ramandeep Jhaj – Team Canada Official talks about his team

Team Canada Offical Ramandeep Jhaj talks about his team, the World Cup and what he thinks about 3 Key Canadian Players not joining the National Team

Team Denmark at World Kabaddi Cup 2012 talk about their performance

Team Denmark’s players and organizers talk about playing their first ever Kabaddi match on the world stage.

Hardeep Tauo at 2012 Karputhla Bodybuilding

Hardeep Tauo at 2012 Karputhla Bodybuilding competition. Hardeep is promoting this competition locally and internationally and encouraging the youth of Punjab to stay away from drugs and go towards sports