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Pakistan Head Coach at World Kabaddi Cup 2012

Pakistan’s Head Coach talks about his team roster and their training camp to get ready for Kabaddi World Cup in Punjab, India

Sandeep Nangal Ambia & Sata Mothada – England match against India

Sandeep Nangal Ambia talks about his classic stop on the Indian Captian Sukhi Sarawan. Also, Sata Mothada talks about his performance of younger players on UK team.

Sikander Moulakha – Main Organizer at Kabaddi World Cup 2012

Sikander Moulakha Kabaddi World Cup organizer talks about how fast Kabaddi has grown in other countries. He also mentions that Olympic organizer have also contacted him about the game.

Team New Zealand’s first ever Kabaddi World Cup

Team New Zealand’s players and organizer talks about their first ever trip to Kabaddi World Cup. They talk about state of Kabaddi in New Zealand.

Bazi Jand – Team Italy Stopper at World Cup 2012

World famous Bazi Jand talks about Italian kabaddi team and their first win. Italy’s team is in the same pool as Pakistan, expect a great match between these two teams.

Blair Hawthorne – Scotland Captain talks about his expereince

Blair Hawthorne Scottish captain talks about the experience at the world cup. This is Scotland first ever Kabaddi World Cup.

Shafique Butt – Team Pakistan Raider at World Cup 2012

Pakistani Raider Shafique Butt talks about Asia Kabaddi Cup win and Team Pakistan’s preparation for the World Cup