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World Kabaddi League Canada and USA Tour Cancelled

Word from Wave World Kabaddi League is that the Canadian and USA leg of the tour is cancelled due to Visa issues for some players. While majorty of the player got Visas for North America, there were still many players that were unable to get Visas.


Commenting on the change of venue, Mr Raman Raheja, CEO, Wave World Kabaddi League said, “We have got superb response of the league especially in Hindi Speaking Market (HSM) and the franchise owners were also of the view to go on with the league in India so that they could continue to build up the support, prime tv audience and popularity of the league. This is a positive move keeping in mind the momentum Wave WKL has built for Kabaddi amongst the elite audience.”

Commenting on the announcement Mr Pargat Singh, Commissioner, Wave World Kabaddi League said, “We have seen amazing acceptance of the league among the fans in India. Keeping in mind the popularity of the game, we have decided to continue to play rest of the matches in India. Pakistan will be our venue for the finals where the government has agreed to provide us full support.”

Fresh venues have been identified keeping in mind the audience response. Apart from Bhatinda, Mohali and Jalandhar in Punjab, the League will traverse to newer terrains with Bhopal and Mumbai as new venues added.

World Kabaddi League (WKL) News 2014 – Professional Kabaddi League

World Kabaddi League (WKL), the first professional Kabaddi League of the world, on Thursday announced the franchisees names and logos of its teams in presence of Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab Sukhbir Badal.
The international-level league, slated to kick off on August 9, will have eight international teams including those owned by Bollywood actors Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha and star rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh.

While Kumar has bought Speedy Singhs along with Fastway Sports Development Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Fastway Transmissions, Singh owns Yo Yo Tigers, named after his own name. Both the stars were present on the occasion.
The other teams are Vancouver Lions owned by Gurjit Singh Purewal; Haryana Focus, owned by R and AAR Communication, an off-shoot of Focus Television; Punjab Thunders owned by Thind Properties. It is also co-owned by Bollywood actor Rajat Bedi.
United Singhs, co-owned by Sonakshi Sinha and California Eagles, owned by the Tut Group are the other teams. Stressing on the need to take the sport to a global stage, Badal said:
“You can say that people in India think of only one sport and I think there are so many sports which can be encouraged so I took up this challenge to make this one sport reach the international level.”
Asked whether the new league was complementary to the existing Pro Kabaddi League or its competitor, he said, “WKL is completely different in the sense that this is Kabaddi in circle style which is a pure Punjab style, while Pro Kabaddi is a national style.
“The way it is played is completely different. It’s more aggressive than the national style,” the minister said.
Asked what his government was doing to promote the sport in the grassroots of Punjab, Badal said: “In Punjab, my plan is to create one Kabaddi stadium in each district and block of Punjab within the next two years. Not very big ones but small stadiums to encourage the sport.”
Badal, who is the mind behind the league, further hinted that even women’s teams can be included in the upcoming league in future.
“Once we build up this Kabaddi League, the next step would be to make women’s teams a part of it in future,” Badal revealed.
The league will see 86 matches to be played in 13 international cities during a four-month long calender.
A prize money of Rs 3.5 Crore has also been announced for the winner team with the salary of each player pegged at Rs 15 crore, higher than that of the Pro Kabaddi Team.
WKL recently signed up with India’s sports and entertainment channel Sony SIX for its broadcast coverage in India.

World Kabaddi League Teams – Yo Yo Honey Singh & Akshay Kumar

World Kabaddi League has announced that both Akshay Kumar and Yo Yo Honey Singh have purchased a Kabaddi team in the League. Honey Singh has named his team as “Yo Yo Tigers”. World kabaddi League is set to kick off in London, England on August 9th


Indian Kabaddi Players Get Visa for Canada Kabaddi 2014 Season

Total of 26 Indian Kabaddi Players have received Visas for 2014 Canada Kabaddi Season. Indian Kabaddi Players coming to Canada are: Sukhman Chohla Sahib, Arshdeep Chohla Sahib, Dulla Bagga Pind, Dulla Surkhpuria, Sandeep Surkhpuria, Sukha Bhandal, Pala Jalapuria, Yaad Kotli, Khusi Dirba, Varinder Dhohdar, Babbu Jalal, Gopi Frandhipuria, Sandeep Ludhar Dirba, Mangi Bagga Pind, Gaggi Khiranwali. Watch all these players LIVE only on


Denmark Kabaddi Team – World Kabaddi Cup 2013

Denmark Kabaddi Team Roster for 4th World Cup Kabaddi being held from Nov. 30th – Dec. 14th


Sukhpreet Singh
Harshdeep Singh
Milaan Bordi Silva
Sam Coal
Mekail Finni
Dhanraj Singh
Bhagwan Singh

Mandeep Singh
Jugraj Singh Toor
Kristiane Runo
Casper Lorant
Semon Aejban Gurtazmeer
Abdul Momeen

Spain Kabaddi Team – World Kabaddi Cup 2013

Below is the Spain Kabaddi Team Roster for the 4th World Kabaddi Cup 2013

Jose Maria Gulin
Roman Gemenze Pablo
Sanjeev Sahota
Aelfenso Caira
Ramon Pablo
Darived Sanchez
Chaiser Japaata
Jassi Kishanpuria
Harkesh Kumar

Kuldeep Padda
Sarajit Sabbu
Balveer Veeru
Kulwinder Singh
Shamesher Bao
Babbar Bajwa
Takki Bhatt
Azher Mehmood
Daljit Singh Bal Batala

Pakistan Kabaddi Team Roster – World Kabaddi Cup 2013

Pakistan Kabaddi Team roster is listed below for the 4th annualy Kabaddi World Cup, which will be held from Nov. 30th – Dec. 14h

Lala Ubaidullah Kamboh
Babbar Gujjar
Shafique Chishti
Akmal Shehzad Dogar
Kashif Kasso Qasai
M. Khalid Gadian
Muhammad Maroof

M. Arshad Amrakala
Rashid Ismaeel
Matlob Ali
Lala Saifullah Kamboh
Shani Basra
Waqas Gujjar
Jani Sanyara
Moshsan Wahla
Naeem Sindhu
Aslam Dogar