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BC Kabaddi Cup Matches – Canada Kabaddi 2015 – August 30th 2015

BC Kabaddi Cup held on August 30th at Surrey Bell Centre was hosted by Young Kabaddi Club and National Kabaddi Association of Canada. World class Kabaddi players such as Manga Mithapuria, Makhan Mhaki, Banna Dhaliwal played in this tournament. Youth Prince George Kabaddi Club won the Cup. Best Stopper was Channa Bhetan and Best Raider was Banna Dhaliwal/Makhan Makhi.
Players: Players: Sukha Bhandal, Banna Dhaliwal, Makhan Makhi, Kala Parmjit Puria, Channa Bhetan, Taja, Makhan Mhaki, Makhan Sadoke, Sanddep Gurdaspuria, Amana Janetpuria, Tirath Johal

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Canada Kabaddi – 2 Tournaments – BC Kabaddi Cup – Abbotsford Kabaddi Cup – August 30th 2015

NEXT LIVE – 2 tournaments on 1 day, Watch BC Kabaddi Cup and Abbotsford Kabaddi Cup on the same day on
Event: BC Kabaddi Cup & Abbotsford Kabaddi Cup
Date: Sunday August 30th 2015
Time: 11:00am PST, 1:00pm EST, 7:00pm UK Time, 11:30pm Indian Time

Tournament 1 – Abbotsford Kabaddi Cup
Winner: Vancouver Kabaddi Club
Best Stopper: Pala Jalapuria
Best Raider: Gurpreet Burj Hari

Tournament 2 – BC Kabaddi Cup
Winner: Youth Prince George
Best Raider: Banna Dhaliwal/Makhan Mhaki
Stopper: Channa Bhetan