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All Matches – Sunday October 16th – Philadelphia Kabaddi Cup

Punjab Sports Club – Tristate present Philadelphia Kabaddi Cup Sunday October 16th. Watch the biggest Kabaddi superstars in the game exclusively on
Players Playing: Dulla Bagga, Pala Jalapuria, Sukha Bhandal, Sultan, Gurlal Ghanaur, Chavez Brothers, Meek Seattle, Rubby & Sethi Harkowal and manny more.
LIVE Starts 11:30am PST (Vancouver), 11:30pm IST (India), 7:30 GMT (UK)

FINAL – Sacramento Kabaddi Cup – Sunday October 9th

The biggest Kabaddi Superstars in one place, watch the last Cup of 2016 California Kabaddi Season, Sacramento Kabaddi Cup – Sunday October 9th.
Time – Sunday October 9th – 11:30am PST, 7:30pm UK Time, 11:30pm Indian Time
Players: Sandeep Nagal Ambia, Dulla Bagga, Pala Jalapuria, Sohan Ruke, Sandeep Ludhar, Sandeep Surkhpuria, Kamal Nawapindia, Sukha Bhandal, Kalon Phelwan, Sandeep Gurdaspuria, Gagan Jogewal, Chavez Bothers, Gurlal Ghanaur, Teji Poonia, Arshi Preetum and many more

Sacramento Kabaddi Cup Results
Winner: BAY AREA Lions Kabaddi CLUB – California​
Runner Up: Central Valley Sports Club​
Best Stopper: Sandeep Nagal Ambian​
Best Raider: Manna Lalpuriya​

FINAL – Sunday October 2nd – Fresno Kabaddi Cup – 2016 USA Kabaddi

Next Live Kabaddi Tournaments from California USA, Fresno Kabaddi Cup, Sunday October 2nd.
Event: Sunday October 2nd – 11:30pm Indian Time, 11:00am Vancouver Time, 7:00pm UK Time
Players: Khusi, Pala Jalal, Dulla Bagga, Sukha Bhandal, Nindi Benra, Kalon Phelwan, Nagal Ambia, Sandeep Surkhpuria, Kamal, Ludhar, Gagan, Chavez Brothers, Ruby Harkowal, Arhsi Preetum, Disha, Sultan and many more.

LIVE – 2016 USA Kabaddi – Sunday Sept. 25th – Modesto Kabaddi Cup

Watch the biggest Kabaddi Superstars compete in 2016 USA Kabaddi Season at Modesto Kabaddi Cup. Watch all the action LIVE on Download “LIVE KABADDI” App for iPhone & Android. Also, watch all matches LIVE on facebook LIVE at, YouTube LIVE at on JADOO TV, YUPP TV, IPTV BOXES across North America.
Event: Sunday September 25th – Modesto Kabaddi Cup
Players: Khusi, Pala, Nagal Ambia, Dulla Bagga, Ludhar, Kamal, Gurlal, Rubby Harkowal, Sukha Bhandal, Kolan Phelwan, Chavez Brothers.
– “LIVE KABADDI” APP for iPhone & Android
– Facebook LIVE at
– YouTube LIVE at

Semi 1 – Union City Kabaddi Cup – 2016 USA Kabaddi

The first Semi Final Kabaddi match took place between Central Valley Kabaddi Club Vs. Fresno Kabaddi Club. Central Valley was the heavier team with players like Gurvinder Kalon, Rubby Harkowal, Chavez Brothers, Pamma Jhadar and more. Central Valley easily won and advance to the finals to play against Bay Are Sports.

Semi 2 – Union City Kabaddi Cup – 2016 USA Kabaddi

The first tournament of 2016 USA Kabaddi Season took place at Union City. Watch the second semi final between Bay Area Sports Club and Sports. Bay Area sports Club was a heavy favoite in this matchup with players like, Khusi Dirba, Pala Jalapuria, Sandeep Nagal Ambia, Sandeep Ludhar, Dulla Bagga, Kamal Nawapindia, Mani Chatta and more.

FINAL – Union City Cup – USA KABADDI 2016 -Sunday September 18th

2016 USA Kabaddi Season starts on Sunday September 18th with Union City Kabaddi Cup. Watch the superstar players that played in Canada playing in USA for the next 4 weeks.
Sunday September 18th Union City, California USA
Time: 11:30am PST (Vancouver) 11:30pm Indian Time, 7:30pm UK Time
Players: Pala Jalapuria, Sandeep Nagal Ambia, Dulla Bagga, Sandeep Surkhpuria, Kamalwa Nawapindia, Ludhar, Yaad Kotli, Gurpreet Burj, Sukha Bhandal, Gurvinder Kalon, Meek Seattle and more.