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Day 7 – Punjab World Kabaddi Cup 2016

Day 7 of 6th Punjab World Kabaddi Cup only had 3 matches scheduled. The day started with Tanzania Vs. USA followed by the best of the day Argentina Vs. Australia

Tanzania 36 Vs. USA 55
Argentina 21 Vs. Australia 31
New Zealand Vs. Sierra Leone (W)

Day 6 – World Kabaddi Cup 2016

Day 6 of Punjab Kabaddi World Cup was packed with total of 5 matches. There were 4 mens and 1 womens’ match scheduled.

Sweden 59 Vs. Canada 23
Sierra Leone 30 Vs. England 48
India 49 Vs. Sri Lanka 35
USA 47 Vs. Australia 38
Mexico 11 Vs. Kenya 45

Day 5 – World Kabaddi Cup 2016

Day 5 of World Kabaddi Cup had total of 4 matches in scheduled. The day kicks off with Argentina Vs. USA, which will be a very competitive match, following by 2 more mens’ and 1 womens’ match.

Argentina 35 Vs. USA 64
Iran 65 Vs. Kenya 36
Tanzania Vs. USA (W)
Tanzania 52 Vs. Australia 32

Day 4 – World Kabaddi Cup 2016

Day 4 for World Kabaddi Cup will be held in Sangrur district with total of 5 kabaddi matches scheduled. By far the best match of the day should between Team England and Team Canada. Iran Vs. Argentina should also be a very entertaining match as well

India vs Sweden 58-45
England vs Canada 41-35
Sierra Leone vs Sri Lanka 70-6
Iran vs Argentina 72-27
India vs Mexico (Women) 35-21

Day 3 – World Kabaddi Cup 2016

Playing today at Day 3 of World Kabaddi Cup are total of 4 teams, including 3 mens’ and 1 women’s team. The best match of the day is expected to be between Iran and Australia.

Iran vs Australia 57-31
USA vs Kenya 55-31
Sri Lanka vs Mexico 36-28
USA vs Sierra Leone (Women) 37-28

Day 2 – Kabaddi World Cup 2016

Day 2 of World Kabaddi Cup had total of 5 matches scheduled, including Sweden Vs. England. Also playing today are Kenya’s women team, playing for the first time at the World Kabaddi Cup. With England, India and Canada having the strongest teams, all matches should be one-sided.

England vs Sweden 57-32
India vs Sierra Leone 46-38
Sri Lanka vs Canada 29-60
Iran vs Tanzania 65-23
India vs Kenya (Women) 45-15

Day 1 – World Kabaddi Cup 2016 –

Day 1 matches included 3 matches in total

Argentina Vs. Tanzania 52-32
Australia Vs. Kenya 61-36
New Zealand Vs. Tanzania (W) 88-15