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Semi 2 – Young/Int’l/Calgary/Fraser Cup – 2016 Canada Kabaddi

The second semi final match took place between Young/International/Calgary/Fraser Kabaddi Club Vs. Shere Punjab Sports Kabaddi Club. This was another tough match with both teams having players maker, but Young/Int’l/Calgary/Fraser Kabaddi Club was able to advance to the final match to square up against Youth P.G.

Semi Final 1 – Young/Int’l/Calgary/Fraser Kabaddi Cup – 2016 Canada Kabaddi

The first semi final match was between Youth Prince Geroge Kabaddi Club Vs. Dashmesh/Bhagat/Abbotsford Kabaddi Club. Both teams had superstar players on their team, but with the help of Gurvinder Khalon Phelwa, and Sukha Bhandal, Youth PG was able to advance to the Final Match.

FINAL – Young/Int’l/Caglary/Fraser Cup – June 26th 2016 – Canada Kabaddi

LIVE – Young Kabaddi Cup – 2016 Canada Kabaddi – Surrey Bell Centre, BC
Date: June 26th 2016 – 11:00am PST, 2:00pm EST, 7:00pm UK Time, 11:00pm Indian
Players Playing:Mangi, Khusi, Yaad, Sukha Bhandal, Khalon Pelwan, Dulla Bagga, Sandeep Ludhar & Surkhpuria, Kamal, Bagi, Nunni Narwal, Junni USA, Gurpreet Burj, Banna Dhaliwal