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Semi 1 – Bhagat/Dashmesh/Abbotsford Cup 2016

The first Semi Final Match of Bhagat/Dashmesh/Abbotsford Kabaddi Cup was between Young/International/Fraser Calgary Kabaddi Club Vs. Bhagat/Dashmesh/Abbotsford Kabaddi Club. Both these team played earlier in the day with Young/Int’l/Fraser beating Bhagat/Dashmesh/Abbotsford, but this time in the semi finals Bhagat/Dashmesh/Abbotsford Kabaddi Club was able to beat Young and advanceto the final match.

Semi 2 – Bhagat/Dashmesh/Abbotsford Cup – Shere Punjab/Punj. Sports VS. Youth PG

Semi Final 2 was between Shere Punjab/Punjab Sports Kabaddi Club Vs. Youth Prince Geroge Kabaddi Club. Both teams were evenly matched, but eventually Shere Punjab/Punjab Sports Kabaddi Club was able to edge out Youth Prince George and advance to the Final Match.

FINAL – Sunday August 28th – Bhagat/Dashmesh/Abbotsford Cup

Next Live tournament on Sunday August 28th at Rotary Stadium in Abbotsford, BC. Watch all the players that played in 26th Canada Kabaddi Cup in BC under the banner of National Kabaddi Assocition of Canada. Also, Pakistani players join the federation.
LIVE: Sunday August 28th – 11:00am PST (Vancouver), 2:30 EST (Toronto)11:30pm IST (India)
Players: Mangi, Khusi, Kamal, Yaad, Ludhar, Gurpreet Burj, Sukha Bhandal, Kahol Phelwan, Gopi, Dulla, Salamu, Janjua, Akmal Dogar, Arsh Chola, Vickey Harike, Maki, Ninni & manny more.
Winner – Bhagat/Dashmesh/Abbotsford Kabaddi Club
Runner up – Shere Punjab/Punjab Sports
Best Stopper: Gopi Frandhipuria
Best Raider: Sandeep Ludhar