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2012 Young Cup – Semi Final – Young Vs. Azaad & Abbotsford

One of the best matches of 2012 BC Kabaddi season with Young Vs. Azaad & Abbotsford team. This match was only decided by 1/2 point with combine team of Azaad & Abbotsford beating Young on the final stop.

LIVE coverage of Young Kabaddi Cup Sept. 9th 2012 from Surrey Bell Centre

Watch the LIVE coverage of Young Kabaddi Cup on Sept. 9th 2012 broadcasting from Surrey Bell Centre. Broadcast begins at: 11:00am PST (Vancouver Time), that’s 11:30pm IST (India Time). Players: Mangi, Khusi, Tauo, Nindi, Sukhman, Baljit Sadoke, Sandeep Gurdaspuria, Bittu Dugal, Meek, Sunny Kandola, Johnny California, Dulla Frezno, Babbu Jalal, Labbi, Jassa, Sandeep Hakimpuria and many more
Winner: Azaad & Abbotsford Kabaddi Club, Best Raider: Babbu Jalal, Best Stopper: Nindi Deol