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Annual Victoria Kabaddi Cup 2012 held on June 10th

Victoria Kabaddi Cup 2012 was a great success with events such as soccer, weight lifting, races and Kabaddi. Top Canadian Kabaddi Cup won the match with score of 45 to 41 beating Komagata Maru.

Deepa Mathuda stopper for Top Canadian Kabaddi Club in Victoria BC

Deepa Mathuda came in the 2nd half of the Final match to help Top Canadian Kabaddi Club win Victoria Kabaddi Cup 2012 with his experience. Top Canadian came back from 9 points defect to beat Komagata Maru.

Soni Allowall – Komagata Maru Stopper at Victoria Kabaddi Tournmaent 2012

Soni Allowall in BC Canada at the Victoria Kabaddi Cup talks about his performance.

Juga Hayre – Top Canadian Raider at Victoria Kabaddi Cup

Juga Hayre Canadian born raider playing for Top Canadian Kabaddi Club had a great performance at Victoria Kabaddi Cup on June 10th 2012. Juga talks about Canadian players given the opportunity to play kabaddi.

Shinda bench pressing in over 60 years category at Victoria Tournament 2012

Shinda – winner of over 60 years category bench pressing 265lbs. Shinda talks about what drives and motivates him to continue weight lifting at his age.

Victoria Kabaddi Cup 2012 – June 10th 2012 – LIVE Coverage

Khalsa Diwan Society is holding their annual Sports Festival this Sunday. Watch the LIVE coverage starting at 11:00am Pacific Standard Time, that’s 11:30pm Indian Standard Time. Watch 2011 Victoria Kabaddi Cup kabaddi matches here.