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Young Kabaddi Cup 2011 – Final Matches, Interviews & Features

Abbotsford Kabaddi Club beat Azaad Kabaddi Club in the final match to lift the Young & Punjab Sports Cup 2011.


Best stopper: Gopi Frandhipuria & Kushi Dirba
Best Raider: Shillu Haryanawale

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Azaad Vs. Abbotsford – Final Match – Young Kabaddi Cup 2011

Abbotsford Kabaddi Club defeated Azaad Kabaddi Club in the final match. Watch the new Azaad raider Deepa Soondh in action.

Young Vs. Abbotsford – Semi Final – Young Kabaddi Cup 2011

Young Club put on a great fight with Abbotsford in the second semi final match. Abbotsfod was the winner of this match

Abbotsford Vs. Vancouver – Quarter Final – Young Kabaddi Cup 2011

This match was one of the best matches of the season. Watch Abbotsford Kabaddi Club take on Vancouver Kabaddi Club. Abbotsford defeated Vancouver and went on to win the Cup

Winner Abbotsford Kabaddi Club – Young & Punjab Sports Cup celebrate their win

Watch Abbotsford Kabaddi Club players and organizers celebrate their victory of Young & Punjab Sports Cup

Sandeep Nangal Ambia England’s Top Stopper plays for Vancouver Club

Englands top stopper Sandeep Nangal Ambia talks about the england season, his club Vancouver Kabaddi Club and returning to Canada

Jay Minhas- Main sponsor of Young & Punjab Sports Cup 2011

Jay Minhas talks about his passion for sports, why he is involved and the excitement of the matches