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Complete Coverage of Lodhi California Kabaddi Cup 2011

Coverage of Lodhi California Kabaddi Cup 2011 held on Oct. 2nd 2011. Watch Under 21 Kabaddi teams as well as, superstar like Hardeep Taou, Dull Ferozpuria, Sandeep Gurdaspuria, Gurpreet Burgh, Jassa Sidma and up and coming U21 Players. Also watch player and organizer interviews


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Continue coverage of Lodhi California Kabaddi Cup 2011

Continue coverage of open matches from California Kabaddi Cup 2011. The Lodhi kabaddi cup was closed down by police due to fights. Watch police and organizer interviews near the middle and end of the video below.

Fateh Sports vs Santa Clara and the Under 21 Bay Area vs Lodhi

Watch Fateh Sports vs Santa Clara and Under 21 Bay Area Sports Club Vs. Lodhi Kabaddi Club

2011 Lodhi Kabaddi Cup – Group Matches

Open group match between Bay Area Sporting Club vs Lodhi Kabaddi Club California USA.

Hardeep Tauo the Beast – 2011 Lodhi California Kabaddi Cup

Watch the worlds best stopper Hardeep Tauo make two fantastic stops during the semifinal match. Both dulla and maulla gave Tauo a fight for the points.

Dulla Ferozpuria -One of the Most Powerful USA Kabaddi Raider

Dulla Ferozpuria is in the top 5 category of North American Raiders. With his wrestling experience, flexability and Peterbuilt Truck Power Dulla is at the top of his game. At one time, no one would let him raid but now. he is USA’s main Raider.

Baljit Saido and Jassa Sidhma – Lodhi California Kabaddi Cup 2011

The 2011 Lodhi Kabaddi Cup was played in a dirt field. It reminded many players of the ground back home in Punjab. Bay Area Players Baljit and Jassa talk about their experience and the Lodhi Atmosphere